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> Issue 17 > Page 3 - Trap Fishing with Mike MacDougall

Page 3 - Trap Fishing with Mike MacDougall

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1977/8/1 (380 reads)

KCG- tOlTH S:) HAOL-Of <'oesPIBOUV 40 t4A0L-l>P set you take the frame-ropes out. And your trap is simply a room • a floor un? derneath with walls surrounding you. It is open at the trap door, about 6-7 feet wide. It has a bar, a piece of pipe • sometimes they fill them with sand. It goes right to the bottom. When you're fishing, the first thing you do in the morning, the men in the door boat hook the strongback with a gaff and bring it over the bow of the boat. Then they have to haul her in as close to the door as they need her. They tie the door boat onto. aa/J> haul-tip the strongback. Then they bring the ropes from the door around the bow guid the stem so they can haul the door bar up on the inside of the trap. You get that up and tie it in the door boat. Then you're ready to purse your trap. They start hauling as much twine as possi? ble into that door boat. They take an aw? ful lot of twine in. And they have what they call strengtheners • a piece of rope tied onto the twine that runs from the CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE Beautifully situated on Sydney Harbour Isle Royale Hotel Fully Liscensed Dining Room Coffee Shop Cable TV Lounge with Nightly Entertainment (902)564-5511 The Social Centre of Sydney OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND Now 208 Years Old ROBIN, JONES & WHITMAN, LIMITED Cheticamp 224-2022 Inverness 224-3125 |/| l Cape Breton's Bed & Bi-eakfast program offers a J'VS unique and interesting experience in overniglit ac- P'V commodations. Every season those in ttie • ' program, dispfaying the alMve sign, open their doors 1' I to greet visitors with courtesy and warmth. F| WATCH FOR THE BED & BREAKFAST SIGN Jc OR t??35 I contact the Cape Breton Tourist Association for a list r '' of Bed & Breakfast participants j
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