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> Issue 17 > Page 6 - Trap Fishing with Mike MacDougall

Page 6 - Trap Fishing with Mike MacDougall

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1977/8/1 (381 reads)

Mike has gone aboard the collecting boat; men in cut boat purse in closer. -Bailing net comes out and is hauled aboard collecting boat. Cut boat controls release. ' Our thanks to Mike MacDougall fc and his crew: his brother Gabe -ggf MacDougall and his uncle, Am? brose Whitty, Ambrose's sons, William and Brian; to Mike' nephews, Trueman and Ricky Har? dy, and Frankie and Bobby Haw? ley. Thanks to captain and crew of the FOUR BROTHERS II, col? lecting boat that day; Fred Strickland, Norman Keeping, Wil- ford Chisholm and Freeman Warren. STORY CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE. Ite 4k
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