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Page 10 - Stories about Buried Treasure

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1977/8/1 (930 reads)

they were terrified to death to go and dig it. Figured the fellows shot, left to watch it, were still protecting it. If the old people was right, I wouldn't want to go to dig it. Margaret Brown, Meat Cove (born in Ding? wall) : My father always told me the story of Jordan's treasure. The story's like this: The boat was coming from Quebec and the cap? tain put 13 of the men off on St. Paul's Is? land to get fresh water. It was in the cap? tain's mind all along he was going to ditch those men. He wanted the treasure that was aboard the boat himself. So all he kept a- board the boat was the cabin boy and him? self. And he left the I3 men on St. Paul's Island. So the wind came up and the boat took another direction--it blew so hard it blew them on two rocks--I can't name the place. So the boat grounded there and they decided to take the 18 bags of gold sover? eigns. Those weren't great big sacks. They were about 12 or 13 inches high. And they were tied with a little golden coloured tassel. So he and the cabin boy, they un? loaded the bags off in this certain place and they dug a little hole and they put them all down in it. It was like on a little beach, but you kept going up and up. I've been there twice since. They buried it up. So the captain told the cabin boy to walk ahead going down the cliff. But the cabin boy • he was.only 15 years old at the time • he knew what was in the captain's mind. The captain was going to get rid of him, eh? So he told the captain, "No, you go ahead, your footing is better than mine." And when the captain got ahead, he pushed him over the cliff. This cliff is about 60 feet high. So that just left the cabin boy. He started walking through the woods. At that t'-me my grandmother and grandfather lived down in this area, in a small fishing shack which they fished in right up till in November. So this is the cabin that he came to. They e breton II i''itf'arvr _ri_i' • oatyard limited BOX 247 BADDECK/NOVA SCOTIA/CANADA BOEIBO/(902) 295-2664/HENRY FULLER the college of cdpe breton press a p'esenis ... 3 RARE MAPS CAPE BRETON JACQUES BELLIN'S MAP OF CAPE BRETON (1744): Double mounted in ivory and burgundy to enhance the red outline of the Island, this is one of the earliest maps of Cape Breton. Bellin was the chief mapmaker for King Louis XV. All place names are in French. A very striking map - Size 14" '''''mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ' 12" _ Limited edition - Price $10.00. . DETAIL OF FORTRESS LOUISBOURG (circa 1760): A beautiful detail of the city and fortifications at Louisbourg that originally appeared in the London Magazine. One of the few maps of this period in English. Size 11" x 16". Price $15.00. . THOMAS KITCHIN'S MAP OF CAPE BRETON (circa 1758): An exquisite map of the Island by English geographer Thomas Kitchin. Beautifully illustrated. Size 12" x 16" - Price $10.00. To order, kindly send cheque or money order made payable to: "The College of Cape Breton Press" Our address is: THE COLLEGE OF CAPE BRETON PRESS P. O. Box 760. Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, BIP 1J1 These full colour map reproductions are printed on carefully chosen fine quality paper to enhance the subtle colour tones of the originals. Interesting both artistically and historically, these maps have been elegantly mounted and are ready to frame. For more information on our fine map reproduction series, write: Mr. Eric MacEwen, Executive Secretary, College of Cape Breton Press.
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