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Page 12 - Stories about Buried Treasure

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1977/8/1 (660 reads)

before a northeaster • definitely you will come somewhere between Long Point, that's Cape Egmont, and White Point. That's where you will land. And when sh' struck t,hat's where she was at, somewhere's along that coast. And the next morning the mate and the cap? tain and the cabin boy, under old Jordan's orders, they hoisted the gold out • 3 or ' bags they were supposed to have • and they hoisted them out up.the cliff, dragged them in a certain distance from the edge of the cliff and they were buried in a crevasse there. It was all described. They didn't do any digging. There was a crevasse there and they put the gold in the crevasse and gath? ered up earth and stones and whatever they could and buried them. That was his version of it. And the cabin boy said the cliff where this gold was buried was a solid rock- bound cliff that was good for hundreds of years. So evidently it's there yet. He was scared of old Capt. Jordan.-Of course you know in the old days the system was when? ever you buried money, usually you chopped the head off of somebody and threw him in with it • this would protect it. If anybody came to get it, the ghost of the person that was killed with it would chase them away. But the cabin boy, he never knew what hap? pened to Capt. Jordan and the mate. After the money was secured, they had a lean-to, a sort of a tent built on the cliff, a shel? ter • ??ind the mate went to sleep in the shel? ter and Jordan was back aboard the ship, what was left of her • and the cabin boy sneaked away. He ran off. He was afraid he was going to be the one old Jordan would select for to stay there. And he reached what was then Spanish Bayr-that's Sydney to? day. There was a garrison at Spanish Bay. Nobody in all the versions I haye heard of it have come up with what happened to the mate and old Jdrdgun. (And have people looked for the money?) Oh, my goodness yes, there've been people with? out number looked for Jordan's money all down through the years. (You?) Yes, of ' course we looked. Even the old chap that told me the story, told me he searched for it many times. The only clue, supposedly, on the charts he said there were two headlands north of where the ship was wrecked • you could see one headland out past the other. Well, that would show White Point as one headland and Cape North as the other. (Are there other places that could happen?) Not too many. And east of where the ship was wrecked he said there was a ship channel. 1 That always led us to believe that it was i near French Cove because at that time what ?? we caLIled the French Rocks, there'd be a passage inside, between the French Rocks and the mainland, which would be a ship channel-- a place where a fairly large ship could go between the ledges and the mainland. People talked about other treasures, but the most of the ones they talked about were treasures that already were found. The Low- lands--there was supposed to be a gentleman lived there--I can tell his name and descend? ants but I won't--we all know him and we all know what happened. He had a farm over in the Lowlands, a long long time ago. One of his neighbours came to plow with him one day, and as they were plowing the fellow that owned the fann all of a sudden he quit. And he told the other guy • this is about 10 in thie morning--"That's all I'm going to plow today." So the other guy thought it pretty funny, but he went on home. And this other chap, he never plowed another furrow • that was all. Very shortly after that he went away and purchased land in the southern Bless You GEORGE'S DAIRY and LAUNDROMAT Baddeck Windows* Doors9 Awnings* Railings, Siding Modern Aluminum Products welton Street, Sydner 562-1104 / 562-1105 OCEAN GLASS LTD. WINDSHIELDS INSTAlLED OH THE SPOT Jivd'ddidousdeafbod. S'i*''!*! > 849-2323- Mobile Service 765 Grand Lake Roisid Sydney Call Collect 539-6140 Ideal Ice Cream Co. Ltd. A complete line of frozen foods, ice cream and fountain supplies. 162 Prince Street, Sydney, N.S. Hione 564-4549
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