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Page 14 - Stories about Buried Treasure

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1977/8/1 (478 reads)

about 200 feet to get down to the woods and about 100 feet to the house. No living per? son could get away that quick. (And you never really found any treasure?) Oh, no. (Was anything ever found?) My great- granduncle or my great-grandfather • ''one of them • one of the early settlers • they found a copper bowl • in the spring of the year • you know, in the sliding of the cliffs • at the shore, the banks breaking away • and-- there were a lot of beads in that. And they claim they were reflecting different colours at night • blue and red at night. They may be rubies or diamonds • at that time they didn't know. What the hell. I guess the kids were playing with them, and they did this or that, throwing them around the grass • they were around different houses here. It was supposed to be a large copper bowl with three legs on it. I heard my aunts talking about it and some of them I think saw the dish. And they saw some of the beads that were found. It might have been a shipwreck or boats coming up the Gulf here, may have • been trapped in ice. Maybe a crew cast a- shore. It may have not been pirate money at all. (Will you go back and look for your crate again?) I'd like to. I think of it from time to time. But I just don't have the right person to go back with me. We were troubled there that night, I and Beaton. And the earth shook and the steel bar just cut right in half. A lot of pressure there. Some claim that maybe there could be diamond in that crate and maybe that's what cut the iron. Aw, it had us shook up pretty bad anyway. (Do you dream of it?) No, I never have dreams. John R. MacLeod, Chimney Corner?? Yes, there' Donk's treasure. That's up at Broad Cove Marsh. All the old people, they used to get the ablest men, you know, to go there. Some boat had come in there. Pirate boat had come in there. Buried this money. And they knew it was there and they were trying to get it. And they were all going, digging holes, dig- ging holes • by god, one night there was a vessel came in, and the men off the boat start coming in, boy. And if they had stayed they were making out that they'd build a bridge right out to the boat and take them right out to sea. So they were scared. Only for that I guess they would have stayed. And they all had to take off, clear off and leave everything right there. And they went to old MacLeod's house. And she saw the look of them, she said, "My god, men, what's the matter?" Big big big men, able men. Mac- Isaacs and all them and old Donk himself. She went out to the outhouse to get a bowl of cream, to start the tea. She came in and said, "Oh, my my my, all the men that's out? side there." And they could see them looking in the window. "Well," they said, "we better not go any more, tonight." But the next night they went. There was a bunch of crows came. And they couldn't do anything with the crows. So then they went and they got a priest to go with them. They got the money and they took it up on the bank. And they started arguing over it. s"Okay," the priest said • and the priest gave it a kick and down it went, took off under the ground. And ever since that they're looking for the money. No more sign of it. They went the next day to look and the hole was all filled in. And they were looking for it up until today. Blue Heron Gift Shop BADDECK, N. S. 295-3424 Gifts For All Occasions MARG and LLOYD MacEACHERN Picnic Tables Well-water Ice Cubes Morrison's General Store WRECK COV?? a "Little bit of Paris" for reservations 539-4671 LUNCH: Mon. to Fri. - 12 to 2 p.m. (No Lunch Sat. and Sun.) DINNER: Mon to Sun. - 6 to 10 p.m. 233 Esplanade Sydney Nova Scotia Full Wine Cellar AIR CANADA SERVING CANADA COAST TO COAST EUROPE * CARRIBEAN THE UNITED STATES • UNITED KINGDOM For information call your Travel Agent or TELEPHONE 539-6600
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