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Page 28 - from D.N. MacLennan's History of Grand River

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1977/8/1 (3089 reads)

kitchen window instead of going to the barn, as you would expect it to do. They called the neighbours and searched the road but there was no answer. Sunday morn? ing they took a small boat from down the river with a horse and sleigh and started from where the horse went in the river. They found him by the shore of D.K. Finlay? son' s place. His eyes were closed. It may be that D.J.'s horse saw something that scared him and made him take the road to the ice. Mares especially were supposed to see things that a man could not. Of Fairies and Other Beliefs When the Scotch people came to Cape Breton the fairies came also, and one place they set up home was Fairies Hill on the Fin? layson' s farm at the north end of the in? tervale. They used to see a light there like a door and shadows passing across it. That was supposed to be the fairies inside. On a hot summer day some of the Urquharts were coming home in the evening with the milk when all of a sudden there was a whirlwind around them that blew some of the milk out of the buckets. Well, it could be nothing but the fairies and of course the rest of the milk was witched and not good to be used. So they spilt it out. These little whirlwinds are common on a hot calm day and are known as dust devils. In the doorway, visitors with Kenny Ferguson, Colin Mathe? son, Sandy MacKay and minister, probably Donald MacDonald. Our thanks to Ross MacKay for remarkable fortitude in find- Several small brooks were supposed to be haunted. One was MacLeod's Brook in L' Ardoise Highlands. Another was on the east side between the church and Kempt's, now almost dried up. And another on the Fer? guson Lake Road, a short distance past the cemetery. There was a story of one of the Ferguson's being at the forge, getting his horse shod. He was looking at the sun getting lower and finally asked Hector if he could finish before sunset. Hector looked and said he did not think he could. Ferguson said to leave it then for now. "I will come again. I want to get past Drinking Brook before sunset." He got on his horse and went off at a gallop, racing the sun to that brook. A man from Pt. Michaux was building a boat. He went to Grand River to get some lumber. The road was getting bad in the spring, so he left one log by the roadside near John MacKay's up west side. Not long after they used to see a light on the log. He heard about it so he did not take it, for fear something would happen to the boat. Some time later Donald MacLennan, Neil's brother on the east side near the falls, was killed by a tree he was cutting. It got hung up and finally fell, hitting him on the head. Kenneth Finlayson was a carpenter. He went to make the casket. As he came near the log by the roadside another man met him and as they stood talking he laid his tools on the log. No light was seen on the log ,| • • -"'* Dedication of War Memorial after W. W. I., including from left: Jessie MacKen? zie, Mabel Campbell, Law? rence MacLennan, Duncan Matheson, Tina MacAulay, A.R. Urquhart, Georgie MacAulay, Mary and Jean- ette MacAulay, Rod Dan Patterson. Right side of Memorial: Donald George Matheson, M. A. MacCuspic Dan K. MacLeod, George Matheson, Murdoch George MacLeod, Alex John Mac? Kay, Donald MacAulay, Murdoch Matheson, Rod Matheson, John Smith, Martha Finlayson MacLeod, Katie (Alex J. ) MacKay, N. Cameron, Mrs.Mac? Cuish, Mrs. John F. Ma? theson, Flora Ann Cun? ningham, Danny Kempt, Mrs. Kenny MacKenzie. old Grand River photos, and to his parents and friends who supplied leads and pictures " " ' --' • - • ... - Mrs. Rachel Morrison, Donald Mac- Mr, and Mrs. Lloyd MacKillop, and and names; Mr. & Mrs. George MacKay, Philip MacAulay, Miss Tena J. MacKay (Boston). Mr. & Mrs. W.D. MacKaiy, Mr. and Mrs. Danny Kempt. At Cheticamp, N, S, On the Scenic Cabot Trail Laurie's Motel 21 Units Private pining Room for Registered Guests Phone: 224-2400 Tourist Brochures & Colour Printing A Specialty PRINTERS, 180 TOWNSEND STREET, SYDNEY, N. TELEPHONE (902) 564'245
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