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Page 14 - Rita Joe Tells the Legend of Mud-Lane

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1978/6/1 (375 reads)

The Legend of Mud-Lane with the stump of hand to grab the child and her hand became whole. Then from the other pocket another twin fell out. She reached out with the other stump and that too became whole. She did not understand what had hap? pened, but she was happy because then the children would get better care. She found an old cabin in the wood and cleaned it, making a home for herself and the children. With time they became content? ed with not a worry in the world. When the prince returned home and heard all that had happened he was angry. The palace guards arrested the inn-keeper and got the whole story. He was punished. The queen mother wanted her grandchildren returned. She cried every day but nobody heard of them. The prince looked far and wide wanting to see his precious children, and with a heavy' heart he searched for his This story was the winner of the CAPE BRET? ON'S MAGAZINE CONTEST IN TRADITIONAL STORY. CONTimJED FROM INSIDE FRONT COVER lost love. When there was no place else to search he walked into the deep wood with wishes in heart to see the two boys. He saw the cabin with two small boys playing out? side. Not having seen them before he hope? fully asked, "Where is your mother?" They replied, "Near the river." Then he asked, "What is her name?" In unison they replied, "Mud-laneI" Then he gathered them in his arms and ran to the river where Mud-lane was washing their few clothes. When she saw her prince husband, she held out her beautiful hands, the hands that all of his Kingdom were to know with her love and beauty. I love her more than words can say I love her only my way, It is enough, it is enough, Oh my, oh my I say Mud-lane is my love. NOVA SCOTIA DIESEL SCHOONER BALAENA Deep Sea Fishing . Sail! Frank and Rita Joe of Eskasoni Nova Scotia Museum 1 Nova Scotia Museum, Halifax 2 Cavalier Block, Citadel Hill, Halifax 3 Ross Farm, New Ross 4 Lunenburg Fisheries Museum, Lunenburg 5 Wile Carding Mill, Bridgewater 6 Perkins House, Liverpool 7 Ross-Thompson House, Shelburne 8 Barrington Woolen Mill, Barrington 9 Firefighters Museum of Nova Scotia, Yarmouth North Hills Museum, 10 Granville Ferry (opening summer '78) Prescott House, Starr's Point 11 Haliburton House, Windsor 12 Uniacke House, Mount Uniacke 13 Lawrence House, Maitland 14 Balmoral Grist Mill, Balmoral Mills 15 McCulloch House, Pictou 16 Sherbrooke Village, Sherbrooke 17 Cossit House, Sydney 18 Our branches go to your roots Roots, branches . .. those are pretty good similes for a museum. Our roots dig deep into our past, seeking the things that have nurtured this Province and made it good. As for our branches, they keep on growing. This year there are 18 of them, spread province-wide: historic homes, a 19th century farm, a whole village re-created from yesterday, mills and museums. We have something for everyone . .. especially you. For information on locations, opening dates = and hours of our branches, complete and mail this coupon. ; Nova Scotia Museum : 1747 Summer Street : Halifax, N.S. B3H3A6 : 429-4610 : Please send me information about the Nova Scotia f'useum I branches. NAME • • ADDRESS ?? POSTAL CODE
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