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Page 44 - The Story of the Cheticamp Rug

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1978/6/1 (377 reads)

pie to work • and once in awhile Mrs. Aucoin would go there with the pattern and see if it was all right. Miss Burke was taking all the small rugs to Baddeck. But the orders she used'to get, they weren't small. She got some very large ones done. She had one they had to make in a barn, not very far from here • that was a big rug. But you know, the rugs weren't paid very much. It was 95 cents a foot or a dollar a foot or even 75 cents a foot. The ones with no flowers were 75 cents. And then you had to give ten per cent to the lady who was collecting them. It wasn't very much for the hooker. So, there was a Mr. Boudreau here • he was an agricultural representative • and he encouraged all of us to go by ourselves. So we did it. Miss Burke kept coming. She still had some orders made. But me, I became the one • all the rest of the bunch came for me to take care of business. I could talk English. I could write in English. I didn't think I'd be able to do it • all the work that we had to do on the farm and every? thing • but the rugs weren't that busy the first year, I'm telling you. Oh, boy. But it kept on, kept on growing. (Did you go out selling orders?) I never went out of this house. They all came here. People from Mon? treal. Every year there were some tourists. They'd come here and they'd order. I hooked for the Canadian Handicraft Guild in Mon- CONTINUED NEXT PAGE Spinning Dyeing Hooking AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE' KEN YAZER MOTORS LIMITED SYDNEY, NOVA SCOTIA 539-1500 At Cheticamp, 'N, S. On the Scenic Cabot Trail Laurie's Motel 21 Units Private Pining Room for Registered Guests Phone: 224-2400 Cape Breton -A Bibliography A listing of publications relating to Cape Breton from early times to the end of 1976 Prepared by Brian Tennyson of the College of Cape Breton and published by the Nova Scotia Department of Education 114 pages, including index Price: $2.70 postpaid, from the Nova Scotia Government Bookstore, Box 637?? Halifax B3J 2T3. Please include payment with order, making cheque or money order payable to the Minister of Finance, Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia Department of Education Honourable George Mitchell, Minister Carmen Moir, Deputy Minister Flowers for All Occasions Ashby Nurseries Sydney* 17' Ashby Road 564-8162 Glace Bayi Sterling Mall 849-6292 New Waterford* Plummer Ave. 862-3374 Florists Telegraph Delivery Association
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