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Page 42 - Marguerite Gallant: Songs and Stories

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1978/8/1 (219 reads)

And they were kneeling down. And they had veils over their face. And one had that prayer bead and one had the cross. And one said, "The beads are yours but the cross is mine." And I almost died. But you don't die with fright. I learned that that night. And that's the only thing I have had in my life that didn't seem right. So I took the prayer beads and the crucifix and I took a fork and I separated them. Then I went and told old Father LeBlanc. He said, "It might have been a dream and it might have been real." He said to give what the beads were worth. "I have no money," I said. He said, "Give what you have." So I gave 30 cents. He said, "Hang up the prayer beads." So I left the house for a time and left those beads still hanging on a nail. And they may be nailed up in the wall here to this day. Here somewhere. But I wouldn't want to .find them. I dreamed I saw Christ. He was so handsome. He had a beautiful grey gown.. And he had" something in his hand. I don't know what it was. And I was kneeling down by a lit? tle brook • the most beautiful brook; I wish that I could see it now • I could have touched him. And there were the sweetest little ducks. And I was taking water like this in the cups of my hands and I was pouring on the duck's back. And I was so small. And yet I was so old. It was not so many many years ago. And yet I was so small, I was so little. Oh, the beautiful dreams I've had. And after, I saw the Mother, the Blessed Virgin in the sky there. She had a halo of beautiful little white doves. There was I would say millions of them. And what a beautiful face. A little prettier than mine, I can tell you. And then I saw her again right at the end of Point Cross here. She was just hanging over the water, in a dream. The most beautiful thing I ever saw. She had on a grey old dress. They don't wear flashy colours. I dreamt one night, I had a little boy in my arms. I was on a big battleship and it was all loaded with red roses. "Then we were going through little portholes • and it didn't bother us any. We went through those little portholes so nicely. And all those beautiful roses. I never saw any? thing like it. And you know what? When that boy actually died, he was 21 years old. And I was also alone with him. He was sick and I went there. I said, "I'm going home tomorrow." Rebecca said, "You go up? stairs." And I went upstairs and he was there. You know, a beautiful, handsome young man. 21 years old. Me said, "I'm so glad you came. You're going to stay with me until I get well." "Oh yes," I said, "I'll stay with you until you are well, if you don't take too long to get well. I have to go home." But I had to stay, that's all there was to it. And he died on All Souls' Day. And he died in my arms. And it was during the war. And five min? utes later,' they had what they called a blackout. And I was kneeling by his bed and he had just died. Everybody flew out of the room and they left me there in the dark, and I was holding him still. And I believe that was my dream that I had so many years before. I was carrying him, not in my arm, inder my arm, like that. I al? ways carry things like that, imder my arm. Licensed Dining Room and Lounge Enjoy a beautiful day of golf at the . Dundee Qoll Course Green Fees: 18 holes $5.00 Pro Shop 9-HOLE PUBLIC GOLF COURSE Located at Dundee. Richmond County in Cape Breton, r t Club Rental **" ' beautiful site overlooking the Bras d'Or. cSf'C'rt and Car Rental DUNDEE Is 17 mUes from POrt Hawkesbury off Route 104 In One Building Three Separate Businesses .Contribute to the Progress and Shopping Bnjoyiiient of Baddeck and Surrounding Areas Stone's Drug Store Baddeck Home & Auto Stone's Clothing Centre Your Mini-Department Store in Baddeck N. D. Beaton, Prop. NEWLY OPENED K'ne 'film J'ioc
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