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> Issue 21 > Page 18 - A Story from Hughie Dan MacDonnell: Conall Ruadh nan Car

Page 18 - A Story from Hughie Dan MacDonnell: Conall Ruadh nan Car

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1978/12/1 (324 reads)

aidh. Thuirt e ri Conall, 'Leig amach na gobhair dhomhsa.' Chaidh e fhein ann an dorus na h-uamhadh 'bha seo. Leig Conall amach te dhe na gobh? air. Thanaig a' ghobhar a dh'ionnsaidh am famhair 's dh'fheuch am famhair air a' ghobhair. '0, a ghobhair bheag, bhochd,' thuirt e, 'tha thusa 'gam fhaicinn ged nach eil mise 'gad fhaicinn-sa. Bheir mis' air a' bhleag- art a thanaig astaigh a' seo gum bi cean- nach aig' air miim faigh e as a* seo an nochd.' Agus leig e a' ghobhar amach eadar a dha chois is dh'fhalbh a' ghobhar. Agus dh'iarr e an uair sin gobhar eile. Ach co-dhiubh dh'fhalbh Conall is ghabh e am bad a' bhuic a bha 'seo is mharbh e 'm bha e 'ga fheannadh. Is ro'n am a bha a' ghobhar fo dheireadh air a leigid amach aig Conall, bha 'm boc air fheannadh aig Conall. Dh'eubh am famhair an uair sin, 'Leig amach am boc' 'All right,' thuirt Conall, is dh'fhalbh e 's chaidh e fhein air a dha ghluin 's air a bhasan is chuir e *ji craiceann a bha 'sea seachad air (fhein) 's dh'fhalbh e amach a dh'ionnsaidh an fhamhair. Is dh'fheuch am famhair air. '0, a bhoc bhochd, tha thusa 'gam fhaic' inn-s ged nach eil mise 'gad fhaicinn-sa. Ach bheir mise air a' bhalach a thanaig astaigh a' seo gum bi ceannach aig' air mum faigh e as a' seo.' Fhuair mi fhin amach air taobh amach na beisteadh agus thilg mi fhin," thuirt Conall, "(dhiom) an t-seiche bhuic is thu? irt mi ris, 'Tha mi a nis' air an taobh amach dhiot an nist agus feuch ri beirid orm.' '0, a dhuine smart,' thuirt esan, 'bho'n a bha thu cho smart 's gun d'fhuair thu am? ach,' thuirt esan, 'tha mi 'toirt dhuit fainne.' are so smart that you got out,' said he, 'I'm going to give you a ring.' He went and I, Conall, said, me.' by 564-8161 'Throw it to The monster threw the ring to me and he said, 'Try it on your little finger.' I tried the ring on my little finger. 'Does it fit you?' • Yes,' I said. 'Tighten and come back to me,' giant. said the The ring began to pull me toward the mon? ster. But anyway, I didn't know what I would do then but I had to turn around at last and take out a knife that I had with me. I cut my little finger off at the joint, and off it came then and indeed I was in worse straits than I am tonight." "Indeed you were," said the king. "If you tell about another time that was worse than the one that night, I will grant you your own life and the lives of your (oth? er) two sons." "Oh, I wouldn't mind telling that at all." "Well, when I was going around walking a- long the banks of the shore," said he, "I used to look around to see what I could see. And one day there was a little island a short distance offshore and there was a boat there going back and forth without anyone inside it. The boat came in to the shore again and it happened that I put my foot in the boat ajid before I was able to pull my other foot inside I had been thrown on the island. Well, I went up then," said Conall, "and I was looking a- round. And I saw a woman as fine-looking as I had ever seen up there and a boy child with her and she had a big fire made up there and two iron bars reddening in the fire. She would lift the iron bars there and she would throw them away from CeldDrating 75 Years of Servioe Speedy Propane PILLING STATIONSt Speedy Propaine Bulk Plant Kings Road, Sydney J.E.Benoit. Arichat Robin's. Cheticamp Fraser*s Campground. Baddeck Inlet Campground. Baddeck Bob Wilson*'8 Fina. Reserve Cape Breton's Magazine/lS
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