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Page 3 - MacDougalls and Whittys and Songs

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1979/8/1 (332 reads)

I wish you were a maid Your cherry cheeks and ruby lips They do entic'd me And how I wish all in my heart That you were a maid for me. "Hold your tongue, dear captain. Your talk it's all in vain If any of the sailors heard of this At us they would cry shame But as soon as we reach the southern shore Some pretty young girls we'll find And we'll roll them in our arms To us they will prove kind." After a few days sailing They reached the southern shore With "Adieu dear lovely captain Here's adieu forevermore Here's adieu dear lovely captain Here's adieu forevermore For as good a sailor as I was on board I'm as good a maid on shore." "Tum back, turn back," cried the captain "Turn back and marry me For I have money plenty I'll 'stow it all on thee For I have money plenty And a while we'll never lie by If you don't consent to marry me It's a maid you'll live and die." "Hold your tongue, dear captain. Your talk is all in vain For it's all for the sake of Jimmy That I crossed the raging main And if I do not gain him Contented I will die And if I do not gain my love It's a maid I'll live and die." Music as sung by Mary Ann MacDougall John James Whitty: It wasn't easy singing in those days. It was hard. The way it is today, if they're singing they have a gui? tar • and that helps them. Lots of times they can stop singing but they still play the guitar to fill in while they rest. The old ways, when you started to sing a song, if there were 10 or 12 or 15 verses in it • you just had to sing it, one verse af? ter the other. And if you took it too high, well it's just too bad for you, because you'd have to finish it out, or you'd have to choke or quit. Well, you didn't like to do that. I'm telling you right here, the poor old ones in my day, and in my fa? ther's day, when they'd start a song it "/I Quality Shop'i Purchases mailed anywhere in the world. LOCATED IN BADDECK. NOVA SCOTIA American Express, Char'x, Bank America, Master Charge Credit Cards Honpurad OPEN DAILY Phone 295-2786 Cape Breton hooked rugs Eskimo soapstone carvinas Shetland sweiaters . 100% wool campers jackets Tartan materials, kilt skirts and suits 1?iiidoi?8, Doors, A%mings, Railings, Siding Modern Aluminum Products Welton Street, ST
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