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Page 10 - MacDougalls and Whittys and Songs

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1979/8/1 (322 reads)

It's of a young man this song I write Unto the seas he takes great delight While the female sex had him beguiled Till at length he had two of them with child He promised them he'd be true to both He bound himself with a solemn oath For to marry them both if he had life And one of them he made his wife The other poor girl she was left alone She said, "You false and alluding men It's fimny. You have done a wicked thing Which a public shame unto me will bring." It's to some silent woods she went This public shame all to prevent And for to finish off the strife She cut the tender thread of life She hung herself out off a tree Two men were hunting they did her see Her flesh by birds were beastly torn Which grieved those young men's heart forsom Straightway they ran and they cut her down And in her bosom a note was found This note was written out in large Saying, "Bury me not or I'll do you charge "But here on the ground you will let me lie For all false young men as they pass by And this by me a warning take And see their follies when it's too late." It was on the land she plagued him so Till at length to the sea he was forced to go And as he was standing in the topmast high A little boat he chanced to spy A little boat without any trim Which made him tremble on every limb It's down below then this young man goes Unto the captain his mind unclose Saying, "There is a spirit a-coming hence So captain you'll stand up in my defence." It's up on deck then the captain goes It's there he spied this a-fettered ghost Saying, "Captain, captain, you must mtend You must fide and help me with this young man.' "It's in St. Helen's this young man died And in St. Helen's his body lies." "Oh captain do not tell me so For he do dwell in your ship below "And if you will stand up in his defence A mighty storm I will send hence Which it will make you and your sailors weep And leave your bodies rolling in the deep." It's down below then the captain goes He brings this young man unto his foes She fixed her eyes on him so grim That it made him tremble on every limb Saying, "It's easily knowing when I was a maid It was first by you I was betrayed I am a spirit that came for thou You bought me once but I got you now." It's to preserve then both ship and men It was in that boat where she forced him then The boat sank down in a flame of fire Which caused the sailors all to admire So come all good people who love belong And since you heard of my mournful song Be true to one or don't be tied Or don't allure with poor female kind. QUALITY There was a time when finding value was simply a case of the more you paid the more you got. Now, when few things are inexpensive, and so many things look alike, you have to look a little further to find good value in fine clothing. When a garment car? ries the CHERNIN BROTHERS label it means you're getting the world's finest fabrics. Our name means value. 303 Charlotte St., Sydney CAPE BRETON STEAM RAILWAY The Cape Breton Steam Railway's operations are centered in the mining town of Glace Bay and in the classic fishing village of Port Morien,1 located on a magnificent bay of the Atlantic Ocean. In both locations the visitor can experience the sight and sounds of steam in a close-up way that is unique. The Cape Breton Steam Railway operates twice daily (except Saturday and Monday) from July 1, 1979, to September 7, 1979. Departs Glace Bay, Union Street Station at 2:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. with a licensed, air conditioned bar car and live entertainment featured nightly P. O. B-Dx 84, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia Telephone 849-2425 for reservations
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