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> Issue 23 > Page 13 - Frank Doucette on Micmac Ruggedness

Page 13 - Frank Doucette on Micmac Ruggedness

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1979/8/1 (586 reads)

eyek wutanek aqq elleketa'.jik tuitnu'jk ta'n newtikiskik tl kate'ka'titaqq. Wela'kwe'l na elmleketa'mk aqq e'tasiw wen pemketnaji forty kisna fifty pawna'laji kata. Jiptuk mtu'sits nike' wen kiskuk na nekmewey, katu na tujiw j i' nmuk naqlo' tmi' tip keskunikeink aqq amasek elleka'timk. Tluekk ta'n koqoey wjit wejikna'tit- kik Inukik na tujiw a, na mita awisiw eyk wen lamikuomk. Kwijmuk eymu'tijik steti aqq wju'sn kelu'lk kamlamatmi'tij aqq kaqi tepiaq wen exercise mesnik attikna'sit elukwet. Ta'n Tel Lukutisni'k Toqwa'q Na'tami siwkw kiplno'l poqji anki- te'tk ta'n tli tpi'ketutew suliewey wjit ta'n tel lukwasik awti'l, pilikann I'tasin kisna lukwasin sa'qewikann. Mu o'pla'si- nukw koqoey na toqwa'q kiskattetew suliewey wjit tli pqot lukutiten. Nike' kiskuk ta'n tujiw ketuitasik pilikann na mawi amskwesewey lakka'p mulqwatasik ewe'wut bulldozer. Amskwes ta amasteksipnek bulldozeewa'tuksin wen lakka'pm. Pike'ks na aqq qaliputi pasik. Attikneta'mk na miamuj mulqwatmik lakka'p pike'ks aqq qaliputiiktuk mi'soqo tepis- ke'k aqq tepi pitalqek kisalqatmik. Kiskattek na nuku' pqoji pitkmasin. Kiskuk app na ta'n tujiw lakka'p kiskat? tek pqoji pitkmasin, pas4k mattaqte'kewt smenta'q ta'n ki's wesko'tk kiskattek sment aqq ankmayiw pkisintew pqoji pitkmetew. Katu na tujiw ta'n ni'n wesku'tm miamuj na wpitniktuk miksewit wen. Ansma na alasukwen smentiktuk aqq attikna'sin miksewin mita mu kisi iknmatmu'n kispaten. Ta'n tujiw na espite'ji'jk we'kwi pitkmemk miamuj na gain. The next morning it was time again to go for wood or to go eeling at East Bay. And again the men thought nothing of going eeling. They left from the old reserve and went by foot to East Bay where they would spear eels the whole day. Toward evening they walked home again, each man carrying forty or fifty pounds of eel. Today a per? son would likely recoil at such a feat, but in those days men used to carry heavy loads and walk long distances without hes? itation. I would say the thing that conditioned the Micmacs in those times was that a person was seldom indoors. He was always outside where he breathed in good air and got plen? ty of exercise in the course of the stren? uous work he performed. Autumn Vfork Sometime around spring the government would begin to think about how it was go? ing to distribute money for the repair of roads, the building of new homes or the fixing up of old ones. If nothing went wrong, then money to start this work would be available in the fall. Nowadays, when a new house is about to go up, the very first thing is to dig out the basement with a bulldozer. At one time, though, the idea of dozing out a basement wasn't even though of. You just used a pick and shovel. And that was strenuous work because that's all you used was a pick and shovel for making the hole big e- nough and deep enough. Next it was time to start pouring. Once a- gain, nowadays, when the basement is ready to be poured a person just calls up a ce? ment company, which already has the cement CANADA'S LARGEST AND BEST-KNOWN RECORD STOR| • Rock N' Soul 'Celtic (Scotish, Irish) • Blues N' Bluegrass 'Country • Pop Vocal 'Classical • Pop Instrumental • Comedy • Children's • Sound Tracks • 8-Tracks 'Cassettes ''5's (Chart and Golden Oldies) • Blank Recording Tapes • Complete Catalogue Ordering • Accessories • Record Care Products aJR MAIL ORDERS WELCOMED • 200 Charlotte Street, Sydney • Senator's Corner, Glace Bay OPEN 9 to 5, Mon, Teus, Weds and Sat 9 to 11, Thurs and Friday "The Only Record Store You'll Ever Need" A Shop for Cape Bretoners and Their Friends Island Crafts visit our store for a istinctive gift or souvenir Featuring all "Made in Cape Breton" articles • jams and jellies, 100% pure wool knitwear. Mad Potters, woven items and toys. There's much, much more, including tartan spe? cialty items. ATTENTION GIFT SHOP OPERATORS: Make sure you are ready for The Gathering of the Clans. Our wholesale department has a full range of excellent souvenirs. Open Friday nights until 9 and all day Saturday for your shopping convenience. 335 George Street, Sydney
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