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Page 28 - Advert: Maritime Photos; Oxford University Press

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1979/8/1 (272 reads)

Kings Landing Country Life in Early Canada '''iS'Vj'';--;-''-;.-;, : FORTRESS OF LOUISBOURG JOHN FORTIER * OU EN FITZOERALD King's Landing: Country Life in Canada by Wayne Barrett and George MacBeath. All the photographs in this book were specially commissioned and give an in? sight into village living in New Brunswick in the 1800's. 88 pages of colour plates. $12.95. Fortress of Louisbourg by Owen Fitzgerald and John Fortier. This book has been carefully crafted to provide a recreation, in words and pictures, of the immense stone Port? ress of Louisbourg, France's last command of Empire in America. 88 pages of colour plates. $12.95. Cape Breton Old New Brunswick: A Victorian Portrait by Richard Vroom and Arthur Doyle. A selection of beautiful early photo? graphs that give a haunting and in? formative view of places, scenery and activities in New Brunswick between i860 and 1905- 121 duotone illustra? tions. $16.95. COMING SOON Nova Scotia: The Lighthouse Route and The Annaoolis Valley by Sherman Hines. 88 pages of colour photographs. $12.95' Photographs by Owen Fitzgerald Cape Breton by Owen Fitzgerald, introduction by Robert Morgan. A photographic por? trait, in full colour, of one of the most beautiful, individualistic and historic parts of Canada. 88 pages of colour photos. $9.95. OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS 70 Wynford Drive Don Mills, Ontario IVI3C1J9
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