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Inside Back Cover - Lobster Fishing with Johnny MacInnes

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1979/8/1 (209 reads)

On June 17, 1973i the worst storm in living memory struck Cape Breton Islsmd • with winds up to 71 miles an hour bringing enough snow to strand cars on Smokey and Kelly's Mountain. The photograph on the left is of Johnny Maclnnes, taken when they were setting traps the first of that season (May 15th). The photograph on the right was taken the morning after the storm. The boat was anchored at the breakwater (completely underwater in the picture) and her stern anchor let go, bringing her broadside to the breakwater and filling her. Lloyd Maclnnes, Kenny Matheson and Ian MacDermid went out in a dory to tie onto her and pull her to the wharf. Recently, Johnny told us:"That June 17th storm, we lost 288 traps. But I'm after building up now so that I have more traps ashore now than I have out--making so many each year. That was the worst storm by far in my time. Nothing to resemble it even. A trap wasn't safe wherever it was. Other storms that I've seen, the outside gear would be all right. Not damaged much anyways; perhaps there might be a lathe. But this time the outside gear and the whole thing went pretty well. We fished 375 traps then • that was the limit. We lost 288, and all the others were damaged." Our thanks to Murdoch Neil R. MacDonald and Edward Shaw who took us out for some of the lobster fishing pictures. Ronnie MacEachern took the picture of Mary Ann on page 1. Announcing: Cape Breton Tapes We have often felt that it would be nice for our readers to hear some of the actual tapes used in making Cape Breton's Maga? zine. So we have decided to offer a series of cassette tapes called CAPE BRETON TAPES. Future tapes will include not only music and songs, but interviews and stories told in English, Gaelic, French and Micmac. Each tape will be one hour long and sell for $5.00 plus postage. They will be sold only by mail and will not be offered in stores. It should be understood that while these will be clear, carefully put together tapes, they are not high quality recordings. But they are of good quality and should prove enjoyable on the cassette tape recorders that are so popular today. The first CAPE BRETON TAPE is Marcella Whitty, Mary Ann MacDougall and Mike Mac? Dougall singing songs their family has sung for years. They were recorded in their homes by Ronnie MacEachern. The tape in? cludes the songs in the article "MacDougalls |You Can Also Subscribe to Cape Breton's Magazine A subscription can begin with any issue from Number 19 onward. The current issue is Num? ber 23. Subscriptions are sold on a 6-issue basis. A 6-issue subscription is $6.00 in Canada, $7.00 Foreign. Use the coupon or simply put your order in the form of a letter. And be sure to include the complete address for yourself and anyone you want to receive magazines. And be sure to enclose a cheque or money order in the correct amount. and Whittys and Songs," and several more. Both the MacDougalls and Whittys have asked that we make it clear that the main purpose in offering this tape is to help keep the words and airs of the songs alive for those who want to hear and perhaps learn them. Marcella and Mary Ann were both wonderful singers 25 years ago, and while we find their singing here still lovely and with strength, they are not singing the best they have ever sung. However, there is real enjoyment and beauty here. CAPE BRETON TAPE ONE; MacDougalls and Whit? tys and Songs". A one-hour tape of songs in English, $5'00 plus 50 cents postage. You can use the coupon to order or simply write us a letter. The tapes will make nice gifts and we will mail them for you from here. AND OF COURSE YOU CAN ALSO USE THE COUPON TO SUBSCRIBE, ORDER THE COLLECTORS' EDI? TIONS, OR SEND A GIFT OF THE MAGAZINE TO YOUR FRIENDS. TO ORDER, USE THE COUPON AT LEFT OR SIMPLY WRITE US A LETTER
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