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Page 9 - Rod and Rheta Campbell, Marion Bridge

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1979/12/1 (387 reads)

Rod and Rheta Campbell, Marion Bridge Rod Campbell; I was born in Big Glace Bay, 1896. I was brought up in the Presbyterian religion. I went to work at the steel works. We were on strike, a hard, hard strike, and very cold • we stood out on the picket lines. In 1925- I was a communist, I thought communism was the answer. And this fellow, this Bible. Student said to me, "Suppose you won everything you wanted, and still you had death and sickness and sorrow • what would you do about it?" "Well," I said, "I don't know." "Well," he said, "my knowledge of the Bible tells of a time coming when disease and death and all those things are done away with." Well, that was something new to me, because I wasn't taught that way. When that fellow spoke to me about the Kingdom, it regis? tered in my head • that's the only remedy. Presbyterianism teaches ,if you die you go to heaven, your soul goes to Heaven. But I found out from the Bible that when a per? son is dead, they're actually dead, they return to the dust, as the Bible states in the second chapter of Genesis. And there is no more movement from that body until the Resurrection. And when the Resurrec? tion takes place, they have a new body but they will be the same individual, the same personality. What God preserves in the in? terval is the identity of the individual. Rheta Carnpbell; As a Presbyterian, you're taught that if you're a good little boy, you'll go to Heaven when you die, if you're a bad little boy, you'll go to Hell • and you're tortured to eternity. But the Bible does not teach eternal torment. The Bible shows that when God created man, he told him to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth, and not to eat from just one tree • all the others were good for food. And if he did, he would die. Didn't say, if he did, he would go to Hell. So when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, the Lord told them they were going back to the dust from which they had been created. So they have gone back to nothingness. But see, Christ came and died for mankind, for Adam's children--so that they could have a resurrection. See, Jesus said, "Bfervel not at this, the hour is coming when all in their graves will hear his voice and come forth." Rod; And the good and the bad people are coming. The just and the unjust. See, in Romans 6, when a man dies, his sin is can? celed. And Jesus is going to give that soul a new body • but he'll be the same in? dividual. And he's going to live on this earth. This earth is going to be a para? dise. (Not Heaven?) No. There is a Heaven, but the Bible says there are only 144,000 going to Heaven. (The rest will live on earth?) Yes. Rheta; That is, those that are willing and obedient will live on the earth. But the Bible says, all"the wicked, God will de? stroy. If people are wicked, they are not going to be permitted to go on living, be? cause they would only do the same as they've done to this earth.
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