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Page 18 - Advert: Nova Scotia Power

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1979/12/1 (299 reads)

Farmers can avoid loss and inconvenience by installing a standby power generator. Why? During a power interruption, to provide electric power to critical equipment for the protection of livestock, poultry and essential farm operations. What type? The system you reO'iifP will dpnfind iir>nn ppwer. Your Elect Scotia Departmen ay be installed in a lectrical Contractor, the Nova Dcoiia uepariment of Agriculture Extension Engineer and the N.S. Power Corporation can assist you in selecting the equipment and warning system best suited to your needs. Installation! A standby generator "-- =--'-"--''- - building or on a pad. '.,..... on a trailer, or have a drawbar attachment for moving about as a for field repair jobs. The generator may be driven by a tractor or by its own engine. Your electrical contractor is required to comply with existing Provincial requirements for the protection of lives and property. An electrical wiring permit and inspection is required for all new installations of standby power generators. If you already have an installation located within our inspection areas, N.S. Power Corporation will check it over without charge, to be satisfied that it is safe for you and for us: Safety! A standby system, improperly wired and rnnnprtPd ran cauRfi iniurv and death to equipment. Your electrical contractor may find useful information regarding farm load calculations and correct wirinq methods in our "Electrical Inspection 1 1-1975", available upon request. When? Now is a good time to give your farm the benefit ofr -'- " '- ''--- installed, your livestock, poultry ana buildings will be protected during power interruptions. Property insurance premiums are usually reduced on farms having standby generators. Ask us about the advantages of a standby generator. In person, by telephone, or by letter. Chief Electrical Inspector Nova Scotia Power Corporation Box 910, Halifax, N,S. nova scotia power corporation '
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