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Inside Back Cover - Advert: Cape Breton's Magazine / Nova Scotia Department of Education

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1979/12/1 (227 reads)

J" (Education in Kova 'cotia . /" ' • In the whole inner processes of education, there are three series, distinct in their object, their aims, and their difficulties. The first is designed to awaken mind, to beget a thirst for knowledge, with the means and methods of acquiring it; the second, to confer that intellectual and moral information and discipline which is the common basis of all liberal culture; and the third, to qualify for particular occupations. The primary business of the School is not so much to impart knowledge, as to awaken a demand for it, and to furnish the means of meeting that demand. If there is no felt want of a thing, no effort will be put forth to get it. If there is no taste or relish for any one object, there will be no desire for it, and, by consequence, no exertion made for its possession. Report of the Superintendent of Education for the Province of Nova Scotia for the Year 1862. Our enviable reputation in Nova Scotia in the education field is largely because of our conviction that education is important . . . just as important today as it was 117 years ago. As home of the first public school system in Canada, we have a fine tradition to maintain and we are working hard to do t that. • Photo courrcs D.utmouth Heritage Museum If you wish to know more about today's educational system in Nova Scotia, write for a free copy of AIMS OF EDUCATION in Nova Scotia Schools Publication & Reference Nova Scotia Department of Education P.O. Box 578, Halifax, N.S. B3J 2S9 Nova Scoda Department of Education Hon.Terence R.B. Donahoe Gerald J. McCarthy Minister Deputy Minister =/* Announcing: DQWN NORTH The Bcx)k of Cape Breton's Magazine DOWN NORTH; The Book of Cape Breton's Magazine is a new book that has been published by Doubleday Canada Ltd., out of Toronto. It is available in bookstores across Canada and (af? ter April) in the United States. We expect that a lot of our readers will want this book be? cause it is a permanent collection with almost 400 photos re-done in the darkroom, printed on white book paper and with no advertisements throughout • but you should be aware that DOWN NORTH is not a reprint of all the stories we've published so far. The book is a selection of over 50 stories from the over I50 stories published so far. The natural his-- tory articles have been left out in favour of giving most of the space to Cape Bretoners speaking, telling stories and showing how various things were done. So if there is a par? ticular story you are hoping to find in DOWN NORTH, be sure to check in the bookstore to see whether it is included. The First, Second and Third Collectors' Editions (issues 1 through 18) are sold out and will not be reprinted. The cost of keeping all three in print has skyrocketed • so when Dou? bleday offered to do a book of selections we saw this as a good way of keeping a lot of the stories in print, while finding a wider audience for Cape Breton's Magazine right across North America. DOWN NORTH is available through your bookseller. If you would like to order DOWN NORTH from us, we will pay the postage to you or to a friend or relative anywhere in the world. We will do all the packaging and mailing. And if it's a gift we'll include a note saying it came from you. You can use the coupon on the left page, or simply write us a letter telling how many copies you want, how many hardcover and how many paperback, and where to send them. Be sure to include complete name and address for each book you want sent, and include a cheque or money order. TO ORDER, USE COUPON ON LEFT, OR SIMPLY WRITE US A LETTER Paperback: Hardcover: 12.95 19.95
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