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Page 7 - With Margaret MacDonald of Glace Bay

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1980/6/1 (414 reads)

because the teacher would tell us it was going to go bad. And wouldn't we be happy. That's pride. Margaret: We were never down and out. When he was sick one time away, I papered walls and worked at the dry-cleaner--I did eve? rything I could to get along. And that's where the kids got their pride. Anna: We had a good life. We didn't have fancy clothes. We had what Mom was able to make over from somebody else--and they were very nice clothes--but what it took out of her to try and do it! Margaret: I'm still alive. Anna: I mean,, after she finished her day's work, then she used to start the sewing. Margaret: I made flour bag panties. In those days you got the flour, the eighth bags were not duck but a heavier grade of cotton. Those were the panties. The thin ones were slips. I knit their over-stock? ings . I knit their mitts. Their caps and their scarfs, I crocheted. Anna: We were so much better off because Ma was so handy with her hands. Now, a lot of kids would wear the flour bags with Robin Hood on them. But Mom knew how to take it out. She used to wet them and rub bar soap on them and roll.them up tight for a couple of days. CONTINUED Nova Scotia Forest Industries Baddeck - Port Hawkesbury - Antigonish IN5FI "The Pulp & Paper People" N.S.FI. Looking at the Future N.S.F.I. has planted 12 million trees as part of its silviculture program. Tree planting will continue to be a major part of the program in future years. Work is now underway to develop tree seed orchards for the production of improved tree seed. Seed orchards are plantations of trees developed by graftings from selected plus trees and cultured for early and abundant production of seed. Seed produced in orchards will be genetically superior to average stand produced seed and should provide the basis for much better forest stands in future years. (7)
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