Page 42 - Advert: 1534-1984 Tall Ships
ISSUE : Issue 36
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1984/6/1
Canada Celebrates Join in the festivities as the world's Tail Ships gather in Halifax ' Harbour for a four-day stay with many of the larger ships welcomi* visitors aboard. Then cheer them on at the start of their stately Parade, led by Nova Scotia's own Bluenose n into the Gulf of St, Lawrence and ultimately to Quebec City, A once-in-a-lifetime event! In an atmosphere of summer fun and festivities, visitors and Nova Scotians will have one last chance to see the tallest of the mamiificent TaE Ships before they leave Sydney Harbour on a 2 100 mile race across the Atlantic to Liverpool for the much coveted Forts Canada World Cup. Don't miss this last portumty to ' those breatht'ffi' ''cathedrals ol&esea". Sydney #
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