Page 31 - Cleve Townsend of Louisbourg
ISSUE : Issue 8
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1974/6/1
plant. But I got a warning • got more than one warning, "You stay on the plant much longer, and you'll be leaving your bones here." I pretty near got killed one night. Then another time I pretty near fell off of the engine. Then ray father came along. "Close the gate. Now," he said, "don't ever open it. Let it stay closed. Keep away from it. Get away from that place and do what the people want," He meant the people that wanted the treatments. But I was treating people before that. Started in my home. So many started to come I couldn't handle thera, so I thought I better get a place on Charlotte Street, And I had a mighty waiting room • 21 by 22. And there'd often be 20 people waiting, while there'd be one receiving a treatment, I used to charge for treatments • three dollars. That was a long time ago. I was told from the other world what to charge • and I never changed it. Twenty minutes and three dollars I would just place my hands on them. And prayed. I'd find out where their trouble is. They would talk to me and tell me, and very often I would feel around and know myself because I would feel and know just exactly what's there. All right, there's something here that I want to explain to you. In diagnosing, how'd I do? This was the way. When a sick woman or man is standing up before me, right close to them I would see their insides. All their insides. Clear and plain, and just where the trouble is. A growth or anything else, I'd see the bowels and the stomach, liver, lungs and everything. My cures were • prayer. Yes, prayer. Turn to God. And my hands. They called me Dr, Townsend, I didn't. After a time I started to put it in the paper myself. Dr. Townsend, Healing Specialist, Oh, boy, the medical doctors in Sydney loved me. They said. We'd chase him to hell, if we could. A Prespyterian minister said that I was fooling people. "In time he'll go to jail. And if I could do it" • a minister said this • "I'd chase him to hell out of Sydney." I quit in 1968. There is a strain on you, yes, a great responsibility there. In telling people certain things. In healing, it's a mental strain. Oh, yes. When I finished a day I'd be as tired as if I'd been out there digging ditches, A mental tiredness. And boy I'll tell you some tired. But I used to go to a tavern. I'd finish about 10 or 11 o'clock at night and have a bottle of beer and that'd bring me back. In plain English, I've lived in two worlds for over 70 years, I lived here and I lived over there. And I don't need to point up so high either, I lived with my feet on the earth plane and lived in the spirit world, right here. And still do. Yes. You see, there's two worlds. The spirit world and the earth plane. And when you, me or anyone else • when we're walking around • we're walking through the other world be- We have decided not to advertise in this issue of Cape Breton's Magazine GEORGE'S (7-Day-a-Week) DAIRY BADDECK MACRAE'S GULF SALES AND SERVICE BADDECK, NOVA SCOTIA C & G MadEOD LIMITED CLAN WALL PLAQUES CLAN BADGE PINS SCOTTISH BOOKS GAELIC BOOKS CLAN DECALS SCOTTISH RECORDS CLAN DOOR NAMEPLATES CLAN DOOR KNOCKERS CLAN BADGE POCKET CRESTS TARTAN SOUVENIRS OF ALL TYPES Mail Orders I 361 Charlotte Street - P. O. Box 658 | I SYDNEY, NOVA SCOTIA A Specialty CANADA Cape Breton's Magazine/31 Wji' w.tu oj'oye 'U' s'*
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