Page 17 - Stories from Visits Down North
ISSUE : Issue 25
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1980/6/1
was after you for a long time, but I've got you to do something for me at last." Fellow was so scared, he didn't play cards at all. He took off back for home. I was going down to a dance one night. And after I crossed the gate, you know, I went down a little ways, and I was walking a- long and I felt something like that, you know, a little pull on my coat. I took a look around, did I catch a tree • ?there were no bushes there, my coat never got hooked in a bush, I know that. So I kept going again, and it grabbed my coat again. That's the truth. Got my coat again and gave it a good pull, and he pulled me back a couple of steps. I could feel like a chill going through me, and I got right light, and the hairs all standing up on my head. I said, I'm not going to run--he's going to catch me anyway. I never saw any? thing after that. But he pulled me back a couple of steps--now what was that? Simon: Well, I was going around with Annie Beatrice there (Simon's wife)--she was a young girl, I was a young fellow. We were out. Her brother was with me; she was withf another girl. Anyhow, it was time for her to go in the house. So we went over to the barn. That was over there at Black Point. Families living there then. And I went in the barn to go to sleep. And after awhile her brother Simon came in, and he went to another part of the barn to go to sleep. Anyhow, it got a little chilly in the night and he was supposed to have some blankets, and I thought I'd go over where he's at--get cuddled up together in the hay and get warmer. And I went to lie with him and I looked, and here was this woman with him. And I was as close to them as I am to you right there. And it wasn't a dark night • an old barn with cracks in the bam. The moon was shining right in through it, shining right on top of them there. And I actually thought that he had a girl with him. I thought, hell, I'm not going there, bother him. I'm going over in a place for myself. I got under the hay. Got up the next morning and I asked Simon, "What girl'd you have with you last night?" "No girl with me," he said. "I never had any girl." He swore that he nev? er had a girl with him at all. So I told him wha' I saw, and he wouldn't goto sleep in that barn the next night. But he's married to her today. And that night he wasn't with her at all--she was up at New Waterford at that time. Simon: Another time Father walked up to Pleasant Bay. We were living at Pollett's Cove that time. My mother told me this story, and I know she wouldn't make up a lie and tell it to me. It was a cold night in the winter'-really stormy and cold too • my father never came back that night. He - was supposed to come, but it got too cold and stormy to walk back down • would be a- bout 10 miles. Anyhow, she was up late • she kind of waited up for him to come home. We had two doors: one had a big button on it at that time, the other door had just a latch. And my father came to the door with a button on and knocked at the door, and Mother told him to go to the other door. So he went to the other door and lifted the latch • but never came in. And he asked, "Why did you put the button on the door?" And my mother went over and opened the door--nothing but solid wind and storm outside. And my father never came down that night at all till next day. But he spoke to her--he asked why did she button the door • and there was nobody there. So it has to be him that was wanting to be home. And he. lived to be an old man. As A Citizen Of This Community WE CARE Gulf Canada Products Point Tupper Refinery NOVA SCOTIA ENVIRONMENT AWARD For outstanding contribution to the enhancement and preservation of Nova Scotia's environment INDUSTRIAL CATEGORY 1977 GULF OIL (CANADA) LIMITED POINT TUPPER REFINERY >lff CAPS BRETON SHOPPING ??J' Sm SYDNEY RIVER OPEN DAILY 'TIL 10 P. M. DEPARTMENT STORES: A Division of the F.W. Woolworth Co. Limited imOMROBICE 1 SIMION mml it • Mill m'mw GUIUUNTSD (17)
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