Page 38 - The Pulp Mill Comes to the Strait
ISSUE : Issue 25
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1980/6/1
mount of taxes from all that industry over there--it's split up for the area gener? ally. It doesn't all go to Hawkesbury. Point blank now, I can say that I'm happy that it went over there. If that mill was in town here, we'd have to leave our homes for the smell of it. Take 28 homes and that would bring it halfway up the town. And what's happening today in Point Tupper (what is left of the Point Tupper commun? ity is now in Phase Four of a program of relocation) could have happened here, The Causeway created the harbour, and the first recognition of its value was the No? va Scotia Pulp Company--the first major industry to come to Nova Scotia in 25 years. Our thanks to Billy Joe MacLean, Mayor of Port Hawkesbury, for telling us about Leo? nard O'Neil; and to Gordon Drummond, Wood? lands Draftsman, NSFI, for locating photos of construction of the pulp mill. Bill's Pet Centre' HAGEN Sydney Shopping Mall Prince Street 25B3 PHONE: 539-2243 Pet Supplies and Accessories A Complete Selection of Tropical Fish Exotic Birds and Small Animals The Grnbstake "Your meal with us may just be the best you'll have on your vacation" (902) 733-2308 Dining Room*Cocktail Lounge Main St., Louisbourg, Gape Breton :38)
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