Page 48 - Harry MacKenzie: Building the Causeway
ISSUE : Issue 25
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1980/6/1
night there, closing the thing up, it was rolling boulders half the size of this room out of there. Then the tide would slacken and we'd give her the hell then. I drove the first car across the Canso Causeway. The morning after it was fin? ished. I went down and there was a coffer? dam (to build the navigation lock) going out there. And you could get from the cof? ferdam out to the Causeway, I went down; I was looking around the job, as usual, I said to myself, I bet I can get across, I went up the office and I got my secretary. Tinker MacDonald, and the office man, Ger? ry Doane, and Harlene, my instrument man, and I said, "Come on, we're going for a ride." So they didn't know where we were going. They got in the car and we started off, "Where are you going?" I said, "We're going over to Canada," So we went down, I drove through this cofferdam, I got out where the lighthouse was. There was Rod MacLean--he was a Member out there, in those days, a great big fellow, and I knew him, and I called out to Rod, There were some big boulders that hadn't been dozed off, you know, and I had to duck the car feet away from the lighthouse, I could get right through. So he walked ahead of me, and this way and that way, I had to dodge around the boulders--and I drove right a- cross the Causeway and up over Porcupine and down to the ferry (at Mulgrave), Baker was the captain on the ferry, and I had just gone across there an hour before. He saw me coming down the hill and he blew three times, and I blew the horn three times--the one-two salute, you know--I drove onto the ferry and I made the round trip. That was the first trip, and that was December 11th, the day after, the morning after. We closed at 8:30 on Decem? ber 10th, and we started her in the pour? ing rain and we finished her in the pour? ing rain. And for the opening (August 13, 1955), I took the bus across. I said, "I walked a- cross for the last time," And if I die to? morrow, there's monuments I've left around Nova Scotia. But the Canso Causeway-- that'll be there forever. Only one thing I'll always regret, Angus L, didn't live to see it completed and to see a hundred pipers go across. y at Noon today in job 10,000,262.7 tons total AREYOUR SHOCK ABSORBERS THIS OLD? mm Then they could be causing excessive tire wear, rough riding, and endangering your safety. New shock absorbers will prevent the veering, bottoming, swaying, and rock? ing that inakes your ride rough, steering difficult, and braking unsure. Replace your worn shock absorbers todays. LET US INSPECT YOUR SHOCK ABSORBERS TODAY! THE MASTER MUFFLER 349 Geprge St., Sydney 539-6691 mutflercentre (48)
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