Page 51 - From 'The Saga of the Reluctant Piper'
ISSUE : Issue 25
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1980/6/1
ence was exerted on Mr, MacPherson. They promised, if he played, they would fix the bridge below his home--a new one, made of cement. He had a cousin who hated work like water hates flame, and they promised him a summer job on the highway as time? keeper, with more to follow in the spring. Still Big Rod would not give in. Then came the promise that the crew working in the district on the mineral survey would take their noon and evening meals with Big Rod's wife Sarah--a chance for money to repair the roof, point up the barn, get that small half-ton truck he had been eye? ing for months--but Big Rod was adamant. Big Rod heard them out. And then he spoke: "It's progress that you call it. Progress. To join this island which is Cape Breton to the rest of the land, to link this is? land and to make forever impossible again the thrill that one senses as he crosses over that water and sees in the distance the powerful hills of home. Departed for all time the sensation of touching again the earth which is Cape Breton, and to know that it is home you are. Not again to feel your pulse quicken and your nostrils quiver and your heart fairly pound as you experience the sensation that you've shak? en from your feet and body and mind the dust and worldliness and quickened pace that is the far country. Not again to lean over the rails of that boat and see the tiny spires of the home churches among the lush green of our countryside, the cattle grazing on the hills, the soft murmur of the waves as they beat against the boat's side--the message that it's home you're heading again. To see the outward-bound* boat heading for the other shore and have denied you the compassion and the pity which you suffer for those who are aboard, leaving this land which is Cape Breton, Progress, you call it. "Is that progress? To make Cape Breton al-- most, but for a few feet of locks, a part of the mainland? True, we can get to the other side now 20 minutes faster than be? fore- -but who wants to get away from Cape Breton any faster than he used to? Like? wise too, the others can get to Cape Bret? on with some saving of time, but to come this way's deserving of a languid, slow pace that makes one relish what lies a- head.... "Progress. They weren't satisfied with the roads we Cape Bretoners made with our brawn and our sweat and our energy. They paved them. And what happens? Instead of enjoying the finest scenery in the world, bar none, they're so busy trying to make a trip around the Cabot Trail that the only people prospering from the thing are the garage owners. The Causeway will bring more and more cars over to go faster and Ideal Ice Cream Co. Ltd. A ODmplete Line of Frozen Foods Ice Cream and Fountain Suppfies 162 Prince St, Sydney 564-4549 CO-OP DO-IT- OURSELF Home inrprovement Centre Contpwl' itockt of hiiniMf' buiklinQ SMpplics. Plumbing, HMting and Bactcical mattrials. We cater to the building public • Ccxrponent Homes & Cottages CO-OP Building Sipplies S'li' PortHawtesbury 539-6410 625-2600 CAMEO CARD& GIFT SHOP I Collect the many treasures of the world Explore Cameo and you'll discover .... Wicker from China, crystal from Czechoslovakia, cane chairs from Italy, figurines from Germany, Bone China from England and much more. VISIT OUR SECOND FLOOR ART GALLERY CAMEO: Card& Gift Shop 238 Charlotte St., Sydney. 539-4718 "W?lk around the corner • Shop around the world** (51)1
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