Page 52 - From 'The Saga of the Reluctant Piper'
ISSUE : Issue 25
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1980/6/1
faster over more and more roads and maim more people for less and less reasons. Progress,..,And the Causeway will be used to transport more Cape Bretoners more places they don't want to go than any one mile of road the world has ever seen since the dawn of history, "Progress, They listen to the radio and the house is filled with goods no one wanted, bought for less reasons than any? one ever heard of. And the cows wait in the pasture in the early evening until it's found out what it is that says 'Life Can Be Beautiful' and what next will hap? pen to 'John's Other Wife,' Then we got television, and the pastor down the road spends so much time alone, he's using last year's sermons all over again. Progress? No, gentlemen, I will not pipe tomorrow," Announcer: Big Rod marched with the other pipers,,,but he did not play. You counted 100 pipers--but did you realize only 99 were playing? That is the best-kept secret of yesterday's Causeway opening. For help in preparation of this story, our thanks to the staffs of both the McConnell Library, Sydney, and the Beaton Institute Archives, College of Cape Breton; and to Yvonne Fox, Port Hastings Historical Society, Most of the photos used in this article came from two albums: Lawrence Doucet's, in the collection of the Beaton Institute, and Harry MacKenzie's albums, now part of the collection of the North Highland Community Mu? seum, Thanks to Ruth Morrison for making Mr. MacKenzie's albums available to us. Most of the photographs are unmarked as to photographer, but among those who were around the con? struction and opening of the Causeway were John Abbass, Chris Lund, Larry Bonnar, Fred Guy, and D. B. Field. Our thanks to Mrs. D, B, Field for permission to use the back cover photo. The picture of M.R.Chappell is from Abbass Studios, Our thanks to Andree Buck? ley, wife of the late Roald Buckley, for permission to use portions of his radio script (and to Peggy Sexton who shared her recording of) "The Saga of the Reluctant Piper." Edited & Published by Ronald Caplan with the help of Bonnie Thompson JUNE 1979 Cape Breton's M A G A ZI RE WRECK COVE • NOVA SCOTU ' Please send me copies of THE I FOURTH COLLECTORS' EDITION (issues • ,'' ' 19 to 24 in one book), $6.00. 'AME ' And/or send DOWN NORTH:The book of ADDRESS I Cape Breton's Magazine' I copies in paperback (12.95) ' copies in hardcover (19.95) I (If gifts, send names and addresses j and we will do the mailing free.) I And/or a 6-issue subscription to Cape Breton's Magazine ($7.00, I Canada; $8.00 Foreign), Begin subscription with Number
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