Page 8 - Guiding for Salmon on the Margaree
ISSUE : Issue 26
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1980/8/1
give me the rod and get down around the alders and be ready to catch it below. I'll take it around." We did that. We got him down into another long run that was fairly deep, and the fish stayed around. There was a crowd, people following us. I was below now, watching the fish. He hol? lered, "Jim, you needn't bother--I lost the fish. I'm caught on a rock or tree or something." I said, "No trees here to get caught on. Don't break your line." I said, "I'll take the rod and go way upriver, and if it's a rock I'll try to clear it that way. And if I can't, I'll go downriver and I'll try." I couldn't move it. I just didn't know in the hell wasn't moving. So I reeled in all the line to the leader, and I waded out and I held the rod out and pushed it straight out; I knew it would clear off of the rock if the fly was stuck on the rod. And it never moved. And I gave it another jerk • and great Lord, that salmon went about 5 feet in the air. He had been laying against the rock and the pressure of the hook wasn't bothering him at all--but when I pushed, that moved him. And he started downriver. And we fol? lowed him. And we got down to the last pool. We had him on four hours and a half • and we got down to this big pool and it was the last chance. I couldn't go any further. "If we don't get him here, we're licked." The water was good and deep in at the bank too. I said, "I'm going down below where I think the fish will come in, and you stay back here where the fish can't see you" • and I asked the people that were following us if they'd be good enough to let me go down alone. Didn't walk down at all, 'cause if that fish sees you, he's going to make a race for down and we're going to lose him. Okay. So I crawled out on my belly, and I had that old gaff with me too. But a longer handle on it that time. I crawled out in the high grass to the ed_ of the bank. I could see the fish. He was out 20 feet from me. And he was working up and the fellow was keeping the same strain on, keeping him coming up. I hollered, "Ease up the strain on the line a little, but pull your line toward the bank--keep pulling her in toward the bank, he's get? ting a little tired." He wasn't played out but he was getting tired. He may accident- ly come in close enough. In the deep water and if he doesn't see anybody, I might get a chance to gaff him. He did a hell of a good job. The fish didn't see anybody, and when he'd ease the strain off him he'd back down. I had the gaff down about a foot in the water. I was there, lying down. Waiting for him. When he came along, I got the gaff in him. And there I was. He was 31 pounds. And I couldn't pull him up and get up straight. So they came and helped me pull the fish up. Well, that was some excitement. Four and a half hours. We were nearly a mile downriver. A Shop for Cape Bretoners and Their Ftiends IslandOHfte Visit our store for a istinctive gift or souvenir' Whether it's a beautifully hand crafted C. B. wool sweater, an acces? sory item, jams and jellies. Mad Pot;' ters, a toy for that special child, or something for yourself or a friend-- a gift from ISLAND CRAFTS is always appreciated. WE FEATURE ALL "MADE IN CAPE BRETON" ITEMS AND EVERYTHING IN THE STORE IS HANDCRAFTED OUR WHOLESALE DEPARTMENT HAS A FULL RANGE OF EXCELLENT SOUVENIRS. 335 George Street, Sydney Op en AI 1 Year ' Round Picnic Tables Well-water Ice Cubes Morrison's General Store WRECK COVE DRIVE SOFRY. thruway m mm mutflercentre Your neighborhocfd thruway mufQercentre has expert ways to keep your car quiet. Visit your nearest thruway mufBercentre. You'll leave quietly. We promise. • iio installation charge • FuU guarantee for North American-made cars*? Free , inspection • Quality parts and service • Independently operated by an exhaust system e]q>ert • Chargex/Master Charge accepted We're waiting to heaar from you. THE MASnR MUFFLER 349 George St., Sydney 539-6691 (8)
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