Page 38 - Sidney Howard of Albert Bridge
ISSUE : Issue 26
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1980/8/1
oiUMt'y nuwciru CONTINUED FROM INSIDE FRONT COVER barely touching the ground. The arms are made of separate pieces. I put pins in so the arms can swing. Gives it a little lively look. Maybe I'll go out at 8 o'clock and 3 o' clock it's finished, roughed out. Then I'11 leave it go to the next day and put the touch-ups on it, see whether so much has to come off of here, so much off of there • level up the features. And I do smaller things. I just go out and think about something I want to make and go a- head and make it. If I think I'll make a fish, I'll make a fish. If I want to make a crow, I'll make it. And the eagles. And small birds. Turtles. (You have a good time doing them?) Oh, yes. I don't mind doing them at all. I have a bad habit just rushing them too much, that's all. Anxious to get going, anxious to get finished. But I'm slowing down. (Ever feel you don't like something you've done?) No, not altogether. Like that one there, tried to figure out what I was going to do when I started • but then later I thought of the Indian so I kept at it till I figured it was close to the Indian face and I kept it, I nev? er did the Indian face before. (What did it start out to be?) Well, I was thinking of making myself on it. But I got to working too fast, chipped off too much, spoiled it a bit. Too late to be me. So I'll remember the next time to slow down. But I was told this: when a carver is carving with an axe or a knife, when it's finished to a point, the markings of the axe or the chisel that's on it shows it's wood carved. It has to show these marks and flaws here and there, to know that it wasn't made by a machine. That's my understanding. But I'm trying to finish my work a little better. Some is a little on the rough side. And if it's an outside article, I use mostly outside paints for it. I put the thin one on first, put a lot of oil on it and let it soak in. Af? ter it dries, I put another one on.. Then the last one, right out of the can. Gives you lots of protection. (38) I WJ' ''i :'#' -''''i' i .li *-'*';* J&S2;%' ??,?'' t' ift ?? 1 : i:
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