Page 39 - Sidney Howard of Albert Bridge
ISSUE : Issue 26
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1980/8/1
(And what do you think about when you do this?) Well, the only way I can think a- bout it, I hope people like what I'm do? ing and give me good remarks to please me so I'll know I'm- doing it all right, that when they'll go away they'll tell their friends. (Do people ever not like it?) Not too much. Might be the odd one that's not fussy. They won't say out and out. They'll just look at it for a minute and walk away. Then I know there's some? thing wrong. (But you're having a good time with it?) Oh, yes. I enjoy doing it. And people like them when they see them. Especially their kids, you know. So I'll do it till I can't do any more. I'll keep going. (But where does the idea come from? Does the stick say. Make me this?) Well, pretty well on. (But you don't believe in that kind of magic....) No. (You don't believe in the fairies.) No, none of that. Just my own ideas, and carry on that way. Our thanks for Cheryl Lean and Graham Metson, Canning, who first told us about Sidney Howard and allowed us to photograph some of thei Front Cover was taken by Greg Devereaux in 1967. (39)
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