Page 6 - How to Make Alexander Graham Bell's Winged-Cell Tetrahedron Kite
ISSUE : Issue 5
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1973/7/1
If you cover two sides of this tetrahedron skeleton with a suitable kite material, yoii have a single winged-cell • the basic unit of Dr. Bellas future work with kites. He used them as building blocks. See the series of photographs that open this arti? cle. Dr. Bell attached four single cells at the corners and thus formed a larger regular tetrahedron. Four of these kites joined to give him a 16-cell kite (which, in 1902, was the first tetrahedral kite he flew). Four of these, attached at the comers • a 64-cell kite. And all of them regular tetrahedrons in form, having re? markable strength and automatic stability. And Bell discovered that the basic unit could be used in kites other than tetrahedron • and an incredible number of unusual shapes began to fill the skies above Beinn Bhreagh, held aloft on lines or bamboo poles, or raised by being pulled along by a running horse. When the kites got really large they were launched from the Bras d'Or, pulled along by a steamer. And starting with that single basic unit • the winged-cell regular tetrahedron • Bell created the Frost King of 1300 cells, which in 1905 lifted a man a few feet off the ground; and the Cygnet I, made of 3393 cells, which flew with a maa within it, December 3, 1907. Highland Heart Canteen Dingwall Open all year • Everyday needs Piper's TRAILER COURT Oceanside Hook-ups - Coffee Shop - Gifts Laundramat - Tent Sites - Supplies HANDICRAFTS, IMPORTED W(X)LENS AND YARN EUROPEAN AND BRITISH GIFT ITEMS. SOUVENIRS. / GIFT / SHOP Ingonish When in Sydney visit our branch store CABOT HOUSE GIFT SHOP, 500 Kings Rd., Next to Holiday Inn Bonnell Furniture Limited SYDNEY AND GLACE BAY, N. S. yM.' 50 Years Serving Cape Bretoners ''' with Fine Fumitttre and Appliances A FINE H.ACE FOR FAMILY SUPPER BY THE PIRE Telegraph House & Motel Baddeck OVER 110 YEARS OF SERVICE Cape Breton's Magazine/6
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