Page 11 - Ice Cutting at Canso
ISSUE : Issue 5
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1973/7/1
ice aboard. You'd have to break that ice out. That crushed ice would come out in treat big chunks. Big as a man could lift. And that was last winter's frost. And the ish would come out so cold you couldn't handle them in your bare hands. Maclnnis is holding the clevis (a ri'' Baden P. Owens (left) and Duncan Mac? lnnis are holding an old ice plow. Mr. Maclnnis discovered it in the yard back of the new Co-op Building Supply warehouse. It was rusted but in good at the front) used for hitchint' the ing g tu horse to the Plow, and below the clevis is a flair to stop the plow from biting fur ther once the flair reached the surface of the ice. There was a pivot, about half-way back, and it was to this the gauge was attached. A man could remain behind the PJow and still operate the gauge, putting it to one side in one direction, the other s?3e coming back • maintains the 22-inch standard for the blocks. Each blade was set at)Ottt 1/4 inch deeper than the one in front--and this made it cut so well. B. P. Owens ran the Hawkesbury Creamery, a government industry. He said it was never run on a sound. frofit-making basis. The Co-op took it over around 1947. but after a couple years it ailed. Co-op Building Supplies moved into the old creamery building. Then they tore that down and built the new warehouse and store. The ice tongs and ice saw are from Estelle MacRae's collection. Redwood Antiques. ~~" Our thanks to the Grade Seven students ot Port Hawkesbury High School, and to their teachers' Murdoch MacPherson and Bill MacDonald. Huey G?? Maclnnis' portion of this article is taken from a taped interview made by Robert Maclsaac and Wade Siddall. as part of the Grade Seven study of Port Hawkesbury's history. This study was done with the help of a grant from Project Atlantic Canada and the Canada Studies Foundation to develop methods for the study of local history. And our thanks to Miss D. M. Duke. Canada Dept. of Agriculture Library, for hard-to-find bulletins on the storing of ice. HYLMD HDTOKS LIHITED Your Chrysler Dealer McKeen Street Glace Bay Isle Royale Beverages Limited Your authorized COCA-COLA bo??ler 564-8130 562-4439 245 Welton St. Sydney, N. S. CO-OP Building Supplies and Harbour Homes • your best Cape Breton Source of PRE-ASSEMBLED HOMES and COHAGES • Complete stocks of lumber, building supplies. Plumbing, Heating and Electrical materials. We cater to the building public CO-OD CO-OP BUILDING SUPPLIES '* '' '' ' 1 Kings Road, Sydney 539-6410 Station St,, Port Hawkesbury 625-2600 '' Operated by Maritime Co-operative Services Ltd. " Cape Breton's Maf;azine/ll
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