Page 23 - Reiteach, A Scottish Engagement Rite / June 17th 1973
ISSUE : Issue 5
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1973/7/1
there was he was more or less a little more prominent citizen of the community and the parents were quite willing to look at the matter in that light. The girl was ta? ken by surprise and she cried her heart out that night. But I heard of her relating the story years after to the women at a carding and spinning frolic, and she said in the final analysis • she was talking in Gaelic, of course • after all the discontent of that first night, they had eight children together, and she said, **Do you know that I never let one of them sleep one night between my husband and myself," Our thanks to John A, MacPherson, Sydney, for his transcription of the Gaelic story. JUNE 171973 * Twenty-five years from now, when the old fellows sit around and tell stories, one of I the days they will be remembering is June 5 17, 1973, On that day the worst storm in jliving memory struck Cape Breton Island • * with winds up to 71 miles an hour bringing * rain and then enough snow to strand cars on , Smokey and Kelly's Mountain, The photograph on the left as of Johnny Maclnnis, Breton • - rCove, taken when they were setting traps the first of the season. The photograph on the front cover was taken the morning after the storm. The boat was anchored at the breakwater (completely underwater in the ??picture) and her stern anchor let go, bring? ing her broadside to the breakwater and filling her, Lloyd Maclnnis, Kenny Matheson i and Ian MacDermid (hand on boat) went out in a dory to tie onto her and pull her to the wharf. At Little River alone, several boats were damaged and two destroyed • and that is only a small part of a story that can be told right around the island • damage to boats, huge snarls of rope and busted traps floating miles from where they were set, nets completely destroyed. And there was no weather warning. The morning was fine, and had it not been Sunday the men would have been out on the water when this storm struck. Cape Breton's MAGAZINE SKIR DHU CAPE BRETON NOVA SCOTIA Edited & Published by Ronald Capian J"LY 1973. The Souvenir of the Year Cape Breton's Magazine makes a lovely gift for a Cape Bretoner or Friend of Cape Breton, on the island or away, A 6-issue subscription is $4,50j anywhere in the world. And you can, if you wish, begin with issue Number One, Cape Breton's MAGAZINE Cape Breton's M A G A Z 1 N E Cape Breton's Cape Breton's MAGAZINE / NUMBER am NUMBER TWO NUMBER THKJbiJbi NUMBER FOUR
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