Page 7 - Cape Bretoners in World War One
ISSUE : Issue 33
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1983/6/1
the river was red with blood, with all he killed. But anyhow, when the battle was o- ver, and he surrendered, we didn't do any? thing to him. We just passed him over as a prisoner-of-war. But the ifunniest part about the war, that I was never lonesome, I don't know why. It appears that God Almighty was doing some? thing for me, that I wouldn't be lonesome for my mother, for my father. (Why did you join up?) I'll tell you. A- bout a year before the war broke out, work was very scarce in the mine--and there was a bunch went to Aldershot, on the training camp, for two weeks. Militia. For the boys that wanted to go, there were two weeks of good times. So we all signed up for two weeks. We actually signed for three years, you know, but we didn't know it. See, if anything Would happen, they could call us. So all right, the war broke out. Word came from Halifax to the town hall, to get all these fellows that were in the militia to report. (Did you have a choice to go?) Oh, I was after signing up for three years. And they only wanted me for three years. But when the three years were up, I was in? to it anyway, so what the hell. Ken MacLeod, Baddeck: I was working in the plaster quarry out back of North River. And there was a Colonel MacRae came down there, and the manager had us all come out. He gave us a lecture about Great Britain had declared war on Germany, and that the Germans were coming through Belgium at the time, and killing civilians, and all of that. So he wanted to know how many of us wanted to enlist. He said they were organ? izing the 25th Battalion in Halifax. He said, "Now all of you red-blooded guys step right out here." So there were about 60 of us working there at the time, and there were just three of us stepped out. I felt that, well, I've got to get over there, too. (Did you feel that when you first heard about the war, or did you feel that when Col. MacRae came?) I can't remem? ber. But I know when Col. MacRae gave us a lecture there, that I felt right away that I should join up. He told us it was our du? ty to join up, you know, and get over Where tine People Go WlieretbaActionis! jre the Selectioi Nova Scotia's 2nd Largest Single Level Shopping Complex Over 65 Stores and Services Featuring SIMPSONS BEST FOR LESS and WOOLCO Open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Saturday Climate controlled atmosphere, with acres of free parking. IT PAYS TO PAY US A VISIT! .AtayflowerAlall Sydney, Nova Scotia (7)
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