Page 36 - Joseph D. Samson: Guillaume Sans Peur
ISSUE : Issue 33
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1983/6/1
4 Guillaume, the Devil & St. Peter Guillaume-without-Fear plays the violin. And when he plays you can't stop dancing until he stops playing. And his shoemak? er's bench • if you sit on it you can't get up until he releases you. And he wants to gam? ble but he has cheated everyone, so they all stay away. He wants to play cards so badly that he would play with the Devil. A man comes to play and on the second night Guillaume sees the hooves. He knows he asked for it. He'll have a hard time get? ting rid of him. So he plays the violin and the Devil stepdances and cannot stop • all night and in? to the next day • until he signs a paper that he will never come back. When Guillaume dies, he is buried with his bench and his violin. St. Peter knows him and won't let him in. He tells him to go to Hell. But the Devil remembers his long dance and won't let him into Hell. Guillaume goes back to St. Peter and asks, at least, to see his relatives. When the door to Heaven opens wide enough, he throws in his violin and bench and refuses to leave. He asks St. Peter to condemn him only after he has heard his life story. St. Peter sits on the bench. St. Peter can't get off the bench. And someone is at the door, trying to get into Heaven. In order to get off the bench, St. Peter agrees to sign a paper so Guillaume can stay in Paradise. Ce9i c'est en egard d'un gars qu'etait un cordonnier, p'is i' jouait du violon, p'is i' etait un gambler, tout du meme temps tu sais. II se mettait a faire la chaussure. Quand i' avait rien a faire, i' avait pas de chaussures a faire i' gamblait. 11 se genait pas avec tchi que c'etait. I' gam? blait n'importe quoi ce qui venait. Et p'is si tcheques un allait la, p'is qu'il se mettait a jouer du violon, ils pouviont pas arreter de danser avant qu'il arretit de jouer. P'is i' avait un banc pareil. Si tu t'as- sisais sur le banc, tu pouvais pas se lever avant qu'il t'eut dit de te lever, avant qu'il te donnit les ordres de te lever. We Support Cape Breton Craftspeople! Cape Bretoners can be proud of the quality and variety of outstanding crafts produced throughout the island. The Cape Breton Development Corporation is also proud of its role in providing both marketing and financial assistance to these entrepreneurs for over a decade. The Corporation's craft program includes help with marketing through Island Crafts, as well as technical and financial assistance. Cape Bretoners in Business Together! CAPE BRETON DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION For more information contact: Industrial Development Division P. 0. Box 1750 Sydney, Nova Scotia BIP 6T7 (36)
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