Page 48 - Art Severance: A Tale from Truthful Paul
ISSUE : Issue 33
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1983/6/1
Art Severance CONTINUED FROM INSIDE FRONT COVER like, a big bottle. He put the strings on that, anyway. And he took the switch. He measured off so long--and he made a notch in either end of the switch. Took these little threads that she had spun first, took them all up, made a knot in one end, and stripped them all out to get them even, and then made a knot in the other end. Bent the switch into a bow, put it through the threads ' let the ends go and the threads hooked in the notch at either end of the switch. That was the bow. Well, he said, the old man tuned the fid? dle and he started to play. And the young folks, he said, they were all on the floor then to dance. The milling was finished, of course. Well, he said, he had never danced in his life. But whatever was in that music, he said, he didn't know, be? cause he couldn't dance. But whatever was in that music, he was surprised to find himself on the floor, dancing. And for weeks afterwards, he said, he'd wake up in the middle of the night, out of bed on the floor, dancing. He said that music would be ringing in his ears. He'd never heard anything like it. Anyway, coming about daylight, and the strings were just disintegrated on the fid? dle , and that was the end of the dance. And the bow, too, they were just worn out. So they were all leaving, they were all go? ing. Morag and Rory had gathered up their cards and their shears and got the spin? ning wheel on her shoulder, and they were going out. The crowd had all left, anyway. He waited till all the rest were gone. He wanted to thank his hosts for their hospi? tality and so on. After doing this, he started out. When he went out, he said. there was Morag and Rory. There was a lit? tle garden fence, and there was a ram tied to the fence. Rory was just untying the ram off the comer of the fence. And he was all sheared, he said, except one lit? tle patch on one hip. And when he was go? ing down the road, he heard Rory telling Morag there was just enough wool on the ram for one mOi~e Jance. STOP AT DINO'S fresh baked goods * souvenirs magazines * film * charcoal gifts ?? ' ?? - - • • ?? novels charcoal camp fuel * ice Ingonish One Stop Store & Restaurant DINO'S Trailer Park char-broiled steaks & seafood * close to the National Park * Ingonish IsleRoyale Beverages Ltd. It's tiie real thing. ,'& Coke. Your authorized COCA-COLA bottler 564-8130 526-4439 245 Welton Street Sydney, N. S. BRETON MOTORS TdYOTA SALES-PARTS-SERVICE Dodd St.. Sydney. Rhone 539-8930 A tremendous stock of new Toyota cars and trucks. Toyota Corollas Toyota Tercels Toyota Celicas Toyota Trucks, 4 X 2 and 4 X 4, 4x2 Diesel Pick-ups. and the All New Diesel Landcruiser, in Station Wagon and Hardtop Models QUALITY USED CARS! BUILT TO LAST. Performance.! Durability. Economy. Three] good reasons why Toyota vehicles are so popular. 48) Open Mon.-Fri. Till 8 p.m. Sat. Till 5 p.m.
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