Page 4 - World War One Continues: Nursing-Sisters in England and France
ISSUE : Issue 34
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1983/8/1
bout working with civilians, who com? plained about everything. With the sol? diers, mountains were made into molehills. They were exceptional. They hold a very, very high spot in my treasury of memories. (Did you ever wish you were home?) No! No, you never wished you were home. You were so glad to be there. Nobody wanted to be home. You felt that you were very fortun? ate to have a little, a very little share, a tiny share in winning the war. (I've seen many pictures that showed par? ties in the wards of the hospitals. And they'd pose with the nurses. It seemed like the nurses and these patients were very good friends.) Yes, they were. Very good friends. (Do you suppose a lot of mar? riages came out of that?) Oh, they might have. There might have been some, I don't know. There was nothing of that sort. No, it's just a little hard to give the pic? ture. It's just, there was wonderful fel? lowship, and no maudlin pity or anything of that sort. When I look back on it now, it seems to have been an amazing atmos? phere of comradeship--I think you could use that word. And sometimes when I think of the present-day situation, I think it was remarkable at what a high level their contacts were carried on. I have nothing but happy memories of my years in the service, nothing but happy memories. The hospitals were bright and cheerful places, really, as I knew them. They really were, they were wonderful. You Vogue Cleaners Prince Street, Sydney * 539-1250 Suede Specialists A Neighbourhood Store in a Beautiful Village Neil's Harbour CO-OP P.O. Box 1644 Sydport Industrial Park Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada BIP 6T7 Phone: (902) 564-5461 Telex: 019-35296 Contact: JOHN J. CAMPBELL Cape Breton Offshore Fabricators Limited Steel fabricating plant. - Automatic "MIG" welding machines - Photo-cell profile burner - Overhead cranes - A large variety of machine shop equipment We do all types of light and heavy duty fabrication. Looking forward to doing work for offshore related industries. nt Blue Heron Gift Shcp 0BOOKS, GLASSWARE, FIGURINES, WOOOENWARE, CRYSTAL Gifts for All Occasions BADDECK, N. S. 295-3424 mmofst ma located 1/2 mile off the Cabot Trail at Neil's Harbour 336-2288 Enjoy your favorite Let Us Fill Ycxjr Next Prescription Now O Locations in Cape Breton no Serve You: CAPE BRETON SHOPPING PLAZA 564-8151 MAYFLOWER MALL 539-5080 Operated by Manson Drugs Ltd. (4)
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