Page 9 - The Halifax Explosion & Going to Siberia
ISSUE : Issue 34
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1983/8/1
a destroyed house; above, searching for bodies. body was breaking into those buildings and such. We had orders, if we saw anybody- looting, to show no mercy. Then we had a guard on up at the brewery up there--Mol- son's Brewery--that was flattened, too. There were three vats down in the basement; there were 35,000 gallons of beer in each one of them. We used to sneak down there and fill a gallon jug once in awhile. (You saw more action here than you did la? ter, overseas.) Yes, I should say I did. (And a lot more dead.) Gosh, yes. There were fellows there that were in the war o- ver in Europe, you know, they said they never saw such a sight over there. In all the dead that were over there, they never saw anything like it. Well, there was near? ly two miles of the North End of Halifax just flattened. Leslie Reid, New Waterford: I served in the Canadian Army Medical Corps. There were five of us went in one morning to enlist, and when I was measured, I was too short. Then we asked him if he had anything else. He said they had the air force. The other boys said they didn't want the air force because it was something new at that time and they didn't want to leave the ground-- they wanted to be somewhere where they could run. We asked him what else. He said he had a call for some medical corps. Well, we said we'd all take that. So we left the next night for Halifax. (Had you had any medical training before this?) Oh no, not before that. But I . ..,> 'i learned a lot in that, you know, for stretcher bearers in casualty cases. That's what they used the medical corps for, overseas. They gave us lectures, and bandages and stuff for broken legs. How to put splints on--roll up their tunic and put it underneath them for a brace to strengthen them. All things like that. Corner Charlotte St. & Townsend St. Sydney a selection of Quality Books Ski Loft Treasure Cove featuring: Woolrich - Spring and Summer Clothing also available: a fall wool-lined Mt. Parka jacket Tom Taylor sailing wear Deck Paws: canvas shoes and moccasins and rubber boots New Balance Hiking Shoes Phone 539-7165 Gifts and Handcrafts TOYS WOOLENS LEATHER GOODS TARTANS Phone 564-8158
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