Page 14 - Coming Home from Overseas
ISSUE : Issue 34
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1983/8/1
that was dug up, and they were buried in a decent burial ground. I think that the Americans brought their boys home, but I don't think that the Can? adians ever. Oh, there's graveyards there-- all full of Canadian boys who died. I don't think I'd bring anybody of mine, if they died there, back home. Because it's only bringing back more sorrows, pains. Bill Daye: I went back to France. Back to France, then to England. I came back home on the Olympic. God, she was a monster of a ship. I tnink it was one-eighth of a mile aroimd her top deck. What a beautiful big ship. (What was the greeting in Halifax?) Oh, the people were there by the millions, you know. Lot of them had boys that were in the army. They were there everywhere, blow? ing horns on cars. And the bands playing and the people cheering, and God knows what. The train was waiting to take you home to Cape Breton; there were a couple of strings of cars to take us home. (How did Bill Daye feel about all that?) I didn't mind it. You didn't feel like--I don't know how to express it--it was just them that was doing it. You weren't inter? ested in it one bloody bit. They were--we weren't. You wanted to get the hell home, and that was it. You weren't having any part of it. But you were there sitting in a car with God knows how many, you know. And other fellows in other cars. PROBLEM With Your EXHAUST SYSTEM Or SHOCKS? Visit The Master Muffler Master Muffler " FAST Rdiabte Service GLARANTEED jdMm "The Exhaust System Specialist' "The Specialist" 349 GEORGE ST. DOWNTOWN Ph: 539-6691 "BESIDES ORANGE IS PRETTIER" ,''ag And then when we struck Sydney. Oh my god, the people that were over there. They drove us all over the place, too, blowing whistles and all kinds of bloody stuff like that. We were there, but we weren't taking any part in it. You know, not inter? ested in it. H. L. Livings tone, Marble Mountain: It was such a fiasco, iuch a miserable business. For many years, at least, mo''t of us didn't want to think about it. Sometimes, they had a deep dugout to sleep in, where you were comparatively comfortab- (14) Your Ccxintry Homestead Is It Properly Insured? Joseph Salter's Sons Ltd. North Sydney Telephone: 794-4717
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