Page 32 - John 'the Cook' MacDonald Splits Fish / A Letter Re: Fr. Jimmy Tompkins and Fr. Moses M. Coady's Relationship, mentioned in Issue 32
ISSUE : Issue 34
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1983/8/1
9| Jolin the Cook' MacDonald Splits Fish Since haddock are hard to find today, these photo? graphs show John "the Cook" MacDonald splitting a codfish, preparatory to salting and drying it. A Letter Fr.Jimmy Tompkins and Fr.Moses M. Coa- > relationship, mentioned in Issue 32 Belle Cote, Apr. 24, 1983.... My mother Rebecca Tompkins (Miller) was a first cousin of both Dr. Coady and Dr. Jimmy. They were double first cous? ins of each other. In 1829, 4 brothers Tompkins, Nicholis, Patrick, Mi? chael, and James, came to Northeast Margaree from Wexford, Ireland,.accom? panied by a sister Mary, who later married a James Brown. We shall consid? er him Nicholis I. He married Sarah McDaniel, a daughter of Myles McDaniel and his wife Rebecca Smith from Port Hood Island. Nicholis I and Sarah had 9 children.... I will just take a son John and daughter Sarah to explain.. .. Sarah Tompkins married Michael Coady. Parents of Dr. M. M. Coady (boim. Jan. 3, 1882). They lived on the "Coady Side" or "Creamery Side" of the S. W. Margaree River. You turn right at that wooden bridge at Margaree Forks. The Creamery built in 1916 was there. John Tompkins (Nicholas I's son) married Julia Coady (first wife). They were the parents of Dr. Jimmy Tomp? kins. (You see the double first cousins • a brother and a sister married a brother and a sister.).... As was the case years ago, babies were born in the homes and in most cases a daughter went back to her mother's house for the joyful event. Such was the case here when these priests were born in the same house, the home of Nicholis II and his wife Sarah. The house is still standing and the man (a grandson of Nicholis II) who lived in it, Dan J. Tompkins, 60, just died a month or so ago.... I meant to mention when I was speaking of Rebecca Smith, that the ones who were called "Rebecca Whale Cruises Capt. Bill Crawford, Cheticamp Boat Tours, P. 0. Box 10, Grand Etang, N. S. (902)224-3376 32) were named after this great woman • my mother included. ... On account of the great number of descendants and the many professional people, we are or were called the "long-tailed family".... Oh yes, the Lelievre (Jean) mentioned by Alex John Boudreau was my husband's direct line ascendant and a very clever man. He was dismissed when he married a Catholic girl. He was the first clerk who came to Che? ticamp with the Robin House; when he died at 50, 1817, he was given the equivalent of a state funeral. Yours truly, Annie J. Lelievre
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