Page 8 - Willy Petrie, a Man who Finds Water
ISSUE : Issue 6
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1973/12/1
might have to travel quite a bit across. Once I'd find a seam I'd be okay. I could come onto it just the same as you were coming out of the woods with a compass. Every one comes to the ocean. And there's something else: If you get lost in the woods, get on a deer trail. Well, all right, doesn't make any difference what way you go on a deer trail, it'll take you to a brook. Once you've got the brook you're okay. Fol? low the brook down because it'll come to the ocean. Every deer trail crosses a brook and every brook comes to the ocean. Finding money is the same thing. You can't find just anything. You can find whatever's in the ground. Oil, It'd work for oil. Coal or slate, you know. Slate rock, you've got to have one piece into the stick. Or sil? ver, Whatever's down there draws the other one down. When I started finding water, 40 years ago, everyone vas carrying water. Neil's Har? bour is no good because of the solid cliff. When you dig down v/herever you go it's all a cliff. The only way to get a well is bore it. Every well that's here has been bored. There's only an odd one that struck a place. Even 25 years ago there was a sprii' down there and everyone just carried water. We carried it too. We lived up on the hill. And we carried it to pretty near October one time, 'i'en the rains came you would fill up with rainwater. In the wintertime, in the fall of the year, any water would be all right. But now if you're into a vessel, you go get spring water and put it in a barrel • it'll rot right in no time. You want to go get surface v/ater and put it in a barrel. The water'll get bad and then get good again. It'll purify after. But spring water'll just rot. I don't know why. You want surface v/ater and take that into your vessel, don't go to a spring. Spring water's all right for just a few days or something like that • but go get a jar and leave it in a boat for a while, you got to fire it away. Will last 3 or 4 days or so, and will start getting bad. No, my father couldn't do it, couldn't find water. Not one in the family. And I ne? ver met anyone who could do it. I don't know what it is. I wouldn't know what to say how I got it. It" must be electricity or something that's in your body that must be doing it, I don't know what you would call it. It's just got to be, I happen to be born like it, I guess that's what happened. It has to be. Just something the same as music or anything like that. You've got to be born to play the fiddle or any kind of music. It's got to be in you before you can do it, I never had any trouble with it, and it never failed me. And I found lots and lots of irater. Bonnell Furniture Limited SYDNEY AND GLACE BAY, N. S. 50 Years Serving Cape Bretoners with Pine Pumittire and Appliances C>pe Breton's Maea2ine/8 JOHN C. MACMILLAN Ltd. LUMBER YARD AND PLANING MILL P.O. BOX 64 NORTH SYDNEY NOVA SCOTIA TELEPHONES: 794-4797 794-4798 BUILDING MATERIALS OF ALL KINDS
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