Page 54 - Yvon LeBlanc, Architect Fortress of Louisbourg
ISSUE : Issue 34
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1983/8/1
But to come back to the house. The Acadian thing--that is partly me trying to explain why he did that. And maybe this is. some little indication of how some houses at Port Royal might have been. It's very thin, our thing. And I'd like to find out. Now, when the archeological sources tell us, "a fireplace, centrally located in the house"--that can really be two fireplaces. It is a normal thing to do in a small house, because you can heat two rooms with one mass. Now, I've heard it said how the engineer was stupid building his great big house, whereas this guy, de Gannes, up the hill there, he was much brighter--he built a small house around a fireplace. That is the kind of myth we have to debunk, be? cause we just don't know. It goes without saying that a house like this was more com? fortable. Is that why de Gannes built it? Intentionally and all that? That's another story. Now look at the roof--this was re-roofed recently. That''s one of our maintenance problems; things that don't last very long here. This had to be re-roofed after only 6 or 7 years. That's a problem with the climate. I would like to paint some of the roofs. (Does anything stop you?) Oh yes, yes, yes. See, we always hold our heads, and everything has to be thought out and justified with great care. And I would like to paint some of them because there is some mention of paint in our papers. None connected with roofs, except there have been pieces of shingles found with traces of colour on them. But any mention of paint is just as often to complain that there was not enough of it. There were some paint shipments arriving, there's some yellow ochre and quite a lot of red ochre. But we know there was a lack of paint. So we are still hemming and hawing and discussing all that, because we have to reflect. We want to be very serious. For the Duhaget house, we have no inven? tory , no nothing on that. We think there was some paint on it; there might have been some paint applied. That is, in one of the rental agreements, there is some hint--but we're not sure, We're not sure. And we'd like to paint it, because our houses are deteriorating with the weather and all that--the exposed wood. Oh, it's a big worry we have. And we'd like to paint them all. If we could get evidence. Al? though we have no definite evidence one way or the other, there are certainly indi? cations that a lot were not painted. There's no doubt about that. So that is why we're a bit leery. (The Duhaget is one for which you've not made decisions on the interior.) That's right. It's a bit.bigger than others. We knew it had two floors. We knew that Duha? get was captain of a company. We have rea? son to believe that he may have been not Bill's Bikes We Handle Quality Bikes SALES AND SERVICE 653 George St., Sydney 539-5095 We Buy and We Sell and We're as Near as Your Telephone Sid s Used Furniture Phone 564-6123 436 Charlotte Street, Sydney East Coast Kitchens "THE KITCHEN PROFESSIONALS" Thinking of BUILDING or REMODELLING? LIMITED 180 TOWNSEND STREET, SYDNEY. N. S. TELEPHONE (902) 564'245 Tourist Brochures & Colour Printing A Specialty PRINTERS IsleRoyale Beverages Ltd. (54) Let us design your kitchen and show you how to take advantage of terrific savings through the CMHC Canada Home Renovations Program HURRY NOW • NO COST OR OBLIGATION East Coast Kitchens 87 Industrial Dr., Sydney 539-9682 Your authorized COCA-COLA bottler 564-8130 526-4439 245 Welton Street Sydney, N. S.
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