Page 10 - Waltes, an Ancient Micmac Game
ISSUE : Issue 6
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1973/12/1
raises the bowl a few inches and slams it down solidly. Even with the blanket the bowl makes quite a wrap on the floor. The dice leap in the bowl and settle. If she gets all but one face-up or all but one face-down, she gets 1 point. 1 point is 3 sticks from the general pile. The observer will place 3 sticks at Tillie's side. Be? cause she got a point she gets to lift and slam the bowl again. If she again gets all but one face-up or all but one face-down (either possibility) she wins again • and she receives 2 points, 6 sticks from the general pile • that is, 1 point (3 sticks) for the win, and 1 point (3 sticks) for winning twice in a row. Now she has 9 sticks in her pile and she gets another turn. If she again gets one face-up or one face-down she again wins • and each time she receives 2 points (6 sticks), 1 point for the win, 1 point for it being a consecutive win. Let's say this time she does not get a winning throw (perhaps it is four dice up and two down). Now it is Charlie's turn. Charlie takes the bowl in his hands, raises and slams it down. He gets three up and three down. Nothing. Tillie raises and slams. Two up and four down. Nothing, Charlie raises and slams. Five up and one down. He wins 1 point, 3 sticks from the general pile* Ke begins a pile at his side. He gets another turn. He raises and slams. All the dice fall face-up. This is a win, called e-tkinn-woway. It is worth 5 points and Charlie receives one of the Old Women (kicigu-wisk). (The Old Woman is worth 5 points but she is also worth 16 sticks • 5 groups of 3 sticks which makes the 5 points, plus 1 stick. This will be important in later counting.) All right. Now Til? lie has 9 sticks (3 points) in her pile. Charlie has 3 sticks and an Old Woman. It is still Charlie's turn. He raises and slams. All the dice fall face-up, E-tkum-wo- way again. He receives an Old Woman for making e-tkum-woway and another Old Woman for getting e-tkiun-woway twice in a row. Two e-tkum-woway is called Gwed-a-bal-ud kwi-mu. Sinking the Loon • and it is worth a total of 15 points: 5 for the first e- tkum-woway, 5 for the second and 5 for having e-tkum-woway twice in a row. (There are only three Old Women. You have to work your way up to the Old Man. If, earlier, Tillie had won one Old Woman, Charlie would have won two Old Women and the Old Man, If two Old Women were gone • won by Tillie or Charlie earlier • he would have received one Old Woman, the Old Man and "4 times 4 sticks** • that is, 16 sticks (5 points plus 1 stick). If three Old Women were gone, he would get the Old Man and "4 times 4 sticks 2 times.") Charlie slams again. All but one face-up • another win, Ee gets 1 point, 3 sticks. He raises and slams. Four up and two down. Nothing, Tillie raises and slams. Nothing. Charlie raises and slams. Nothing, Tillie, nothing, Charlie, no? thing, Tillie gets one do ?n and five'up: 1 point. She slams again, nothing. Charlie slams, nothing. Tillie, nothing. Charlie slams and gets one up and five down: 1 point. He raises and slams: one down and five up • 2 points. He raises and slams: one down and five up • 2 points and e-tkim-woway for having three consecutive wins of one up or one down. If there is still an Old Woman in the general pile, he receives her. If not, he gets her equal in points: 5 points, 15 sticks. Getting e-tkum-woway in lYLUO HOTIRS UNITED Your Chrysler Dealer 849-5588 McKeen Street Glace Bay Isle Royale Beverages Limited Your authorized COCA-COLA bottler 564-8130 562-4439 245 Welton St. Sydney, N. S.. CO-OP Building Supplies and Harbour Homes • your best Cape Breton Source of PRE-ASSEMBLED HOMES and COHAGES • Complete stocks of lumber, building supplies. Plumbing, Heating and Electcical materials. We cater to the building public CO-OP UO-OP BUILDING SUPPLIES Kings Road, Sydney 539-6410 Station St*, Port Hawkesbury 625-2600 Operated by Maritime Co-operative Services Ltd. Cape Breton *s Magazine/lO
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