Page 19 - Dan Alex MacLeod "I Moved Houses"
ISSUE : Issue 35
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1983/12/1
I know what I've done every day since. I never missed a day. So, some day I'm going to go over those diaries, see how many houses I did. (You only had problems with two? I can't believe that.) No, that's all. I moved a schoolhouse down at Wreck Cove. I tied up the Cabot Trail for three hours-- went through the bridge at Little River. Allister Maclnnis had a rig there that would bring us up so we could go by the rail, you know. And halfway through, that thing broke. So, we had to plank her up. We took three hours to get off there. Oh, there must have been 3 or 4 hundred--it was in the height of tourists on both sides. And I bet you they took miles of pictures, movie pictures. I guess the Queen of England didn't get the clapping that we got when we got her off the bridge. There was only one saucy fellow there, he gave us hell. And I said, "There's a road around Cheticamp, if you want to go." I said, "We've got a permit to do this-- that's it." But the rest were awful nice. They were watching us and taking movies of us and pictures of us. (Did you keep pictures of all that?) No, very few pictures I took--only the ones you saw today. Just about that house on the Mira. We were too busy, we didn't have time for pictures. Keltic/Cape Smokey January 3 - March 18,1984 The White Birch Inn, Motel Unit and The Atlantic Coffee Shop will be open to serve our guests this winter. Further information on rates and reservations may be obtained from: Keltic Lodge Check Inns 1-902-285-2880 Toll Free: Dept. of Tourism 1-800-565-7105 1-902-424-5000 Hfx/Dart 425-5 781 (Then you gave it up and that was the end of it.) Yeah. The boys wouldn't take it o- ver. All the outfit was mine, with the boys. There were two of my sons with me, and two other fellows--five of us altogeth? er. Then, when I wanted to get rid of it-- quit, you know--I was getting too old. I was giving it to my oldest son there. I said, "I'll give you the whole works." "I wouldn't move a house," he said, "two feet," he said, "for $5000, unless you were there." And then, when I stopped mov? ing, oh, we were getting calls. I was pret? ty near disconnecting the phone at last. Oh, a year or so after we stopped moving, a friend of mine--I'd moved her house, and now she wanted it put on a foundation. I said, "All right, I'll put it on." Next day the phone rang, and my wife answered it. And a woman said she wanted a house moved. "Oh, he's not moving." "Oh yes, he is. I saw him in East Bay the other day, moving a house!" I was only putting the house on the foundation for that woman, you know. So I decided I'd sell the outfit then, so they couldn't be bothering me. So, I sold it. And when Margaret and I got married, we went to Prince Edward Island on our vacation. And what do we see but the outfit over there, moving a church. (Make you sorry you sold it?) No. Manufacturers of Castings and Sheet Mjetal Products P. 0. Box 98, King St., North Sydney, N. S. B2A 3M1 BEST IN HEATING AND SUPPLIES"! mmammmmmmmi'mma'mmm (19)
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