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ISSUE : Issue 1
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1972/10/31
Q The Source of Books of Special Interest to Cape Bretoners Cape Breton Harbour 5.95 -Loch Bras d'Or 2.95 Atlantic Harbours 2.50 Louisbourg 4.50 Highland Heart of Nova Scotia 2.25 Cape Breton Anthology 1.00 Cape Breton Come All Yee's 1.50 Cape Breton Ships & Men 7.50 Men Against the Sea 2,95 Maritime Folksongs 4.95 Bluenose Ghosts 6.95 History of the Catholic Church in Eastern Nova Scotia Volume I 10.00 Volume II 11.00 Duth Oden Cook Book 4.50 Out of Nova Scotia Kitchens 4.50 Gaelic-English/English-Gaelic Dictionary 8,50 Gaelic Self-Taught 2.75 We have Nova Scotia's largest stock of Gaelic Books Next time in Sydney spend a few moments looking over the Selection '''llEMS ''' Mail Orders given special attention-Mail Charges 25<* per book extra MacLeod's Bookstore P,0. Box 658 Sydney, Nova Scotia Cape Breton's Magazine/l4
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