Page 26 - A Tourist in Louisbourg, 1858
ISSUE : Issue 36
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1984/6/1
cloak, on board the barge which the sai? lors were rowing up the St. Lawrence, to? wards Quebec, he produced the poem, and read it in silence by the waning light of approaching evening, until he came to these lines, which he repeated aloud to his officers: 'The boast of heraldry, the pomp of power. And all that beauty, all that wealth e'er gave, Await alike the inevitable hour; • Then pausing for a moment, he finished the stanza: 'The paths of glory lead but to the grave.'" "Gentlemen," he added, "I would rather be the writer of this poem, than the greatest conqueror the world ever produced." "That's true," said the old fisherman, sen? tentious ly. "We are all bound to that place, sometime or other." "What place?" said Picton, rousing up. "The berrying-ground," answered the an? cient; "that is, if we don't get overboard instead." "But," he continued, "since you are speak? ing of General Wolfe, you must know my grandfather served under him at Minden, and at the battle here, too, where he was wounded, and left behind, when the general went back to England." "I thought he went from this place to Que? bec," said Picton. "No, sir," replied the old man, "he went first to London, and came back again, and then went to Canada. Well," he continued, "my grandfather served under him, and was left here to get over his wounds, and so he maj:rj.ed my granctoiother, and lived in A:NEW Song wrote o • the taken of LOUISBOURGs. Nor to Gallia alone, Is our Valour made known, Ev'ry Nation before us fhall fall; Both the Indies can tell, "What they know but too -wrell. And Africk,and Africk gives up Senegal. Let the Bullies of France, Now be flo-w to advance. Since our old Britifh courage revives ; ??When e're -wee attack them, We'el hack them, we'el thwack them, TJiey never, were never fo thwackM in tlieii Then my Jolly Boys ting. To GEORGE our gre??t King, To hii Conneil.his Army' and Navy ; Who have hnmbled the Monfieurs, And prov'd them vain bouncers, And made, and made gf*rd Monarch ery peeegvi. Broadstteet published in London on receiving news of the capture of 1758. ??ililiti8nitJMiW*Hiltil4>'ttMHtii
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