Page 27 - A Tourist in Louisbourg, 1858
ISSUE : Issue 36
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1984/6/1
Louisburgh after the French were all sent away." Here the veteran placed his paws on the table, and looked out into the infin? ite. We could see we were in for a long story. "All the French soldiers and sai? lors, you see, were sent to England pris? oners of war--and the rest of the people were sent to France; the governor of this here place was named Drucour; he was taken to Southampton, and put in prison. Well now, as I was saying, this hutch of mine was built by my father, just here by Wolfe's landing, for grandfather took a fancy to have it built on this spot; you see, Wolfe rowed over one night in a boat all alone from Lighthouse point yonder, and stood on the beach right under this here old wall, looking straight up at the French sentry over his head, and taking a general look at the town on both sides. There wasn't a man in all his soldiers who would have stood there at that time for a thousand pounds." "What do you suppose the old file was do? ing over here?" inquired Picton, who was getting sleepy. "I don't know," answered our host, "except it was his daring. He was the bravest man of his time, I've heard say--and so young"-- "Two and thretty only," said Bruce. "And a tall, elegant officer, too," contin? ued the ancient fisherman. "I've heard tell how the French governor's lady used to send him sweetmeats with a flag of truce, and he used to return his compli- East Coast Kitchens "THE KITCHEN PROFESSIONALS" Thinking of BUILDING or REMODELLING? Building a home or planning on remodelling your kitchen, drop in your plans or make an appointment for FREE DESIGNS AND ESTIMATES. HURRY NOW • NO COST OR OBLIGATION EAST COAST KITCHENS 87 Industrial Dr., Sydney 539-9682 ments and a pine apple, or something of that kind. Ah, he was a great favorite with the ladies! I've heard say, he was much admired for his elegant style of danc? ing, and always ambitious to have a tall and graceful lady for his partner, and then he was as much pleased as if he was in the thick of the fight. He was a great favorite with the soldiers, too; very care? ful of them, to see they were well nursed when they were sick, and sharing the worst and the best with them; but my grandfather used to say, very strict, too." "Who was in command here, Wolfe or Am? herst?" "General Amherst was in command, and got the credit of it, too; but Wolfe did the fighting--so grandfather used to say." "What was the name of his leddy in the old country?" said Bruce. "I do not remember," replied the ancient, "but I've heard it. You know he was to be married, when he got back to England. And when the first shot struck him in the wrist, at Quebec, he took out her handker? chief from his breast-pocket, smiled, wrapped it about the place, and went on with the battle as if nothing had happened. But, soon after he got another wound, and yet he wasn't disheartened, but waved his ratan over his head, for none of the offi? cers carried swords there, and kept on, un? til the third bullet went through and through his breast, when he fell back, and just breathed like, till word was brought that the French were retreating, when he Hyland Restaurant Fully ' K M X. I ''"''y ''''' and ivlotel ''''' Bake Shop Open year round to Cape Bretoners and their friends, offering good home cooking and seafood at its best. Inverness 258-3440 PROBLEM With Your EXHAUST SYSTEM Or SHOCKS? Visit The Master Muffler |['ffl:l:lli;i') Master Muffler 1' FAST Reliable Service ' FREE InsIallaUon NATIONALLY GUARANTEED l'il' "The Exhaust System Speciali: The Specialist'' • ''R ALL MAKES AND MODELS DOMESTIC or FOREIGN 349 GEORGE ST. DOWNTOWN Ph: 539-6691 "BESIDES ORANGE IS PRETTIER" 1'' ''1 (27)
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