Page 44 - Noel Morris's Encounter with the Devil
ISSUE : Issue 36
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1984/6/1
So the old man took his turn and stood at the middle of the room. It was his chance to beat him. He displayed one hell of a dance himself, knowing that he had no choice but to win. Otherwise he goes for a trip with the devil. The devil had a broad smile on again. He was still convinced he had the old man beat. But just as the old man was at the last stage of his dance, and the devil thinking he's got him, he positioned his feet in such a way as to make a sign of the cross. The devil was apparently shaken upon witnessing this move for the first time. He watched the old man carefully as he continued his dance. Again the old man crossed his feet to form a cross which shuddered the devil even more. Upon making his move the third time, the devil was dev? astated and couldn't take anymore. He turned quietly, opened the door and ran. When the old man saw this, he took off af? ter him. The devil was moving at a good speed but the old man was not to be left too far behind. He chased him as far as the old bridge where the devil almost slipped, and stayed with him till he saw him turn into a ball of fire and then dis? appear. He was never bothered by him again till long after. NAQMASIANUK AMALKAMK TE'SIPOWIKATAMK. "KAQMA'SIT TO'Q KISIKU APP NEKM MEKWAYIK. KWETNU'KWAISIT KISI WISUOQTESKMUAN WLA MNTU'I. NITAPJI'J E'PLEWTESINK TO'Q APP NEKM. MIAMUJ WISUOQTESKMUATL MITA LMA'- LUKUTAL. WESKEWIKWETUTK TO'Q MNTU. ME' KI'KAJIW ETLITE'TK WISUOQTESKMUAN KISIKU'L, NA TO'Q KE'SK ANSMA PEM KAQTESINK KISIKU AQQ MNTU ANSMA KISITA'SIT LMA'LAN JIJUAQA TO'Q KISIKU POQJI KLUTJIEWEYTESTOQL WKWATL. OQOTEYJI'J JIPAQATESINK TO'Q MNTU AMSKWESEWEY NEMIAJ TELTESINLIJ. OTI MELKI JIKEIWATL TO'Q MNTU. KI'S APP TO'Q KISIKU KLUTJIEWEYTESTOQL WKWATL AQQ MNTU ME' APP AT JIPAQATESINK. NA TO'Q SI'STEWEY TELTESTULIJ WKWATL NA TO'Q MU KAQMUTMUK MNTU AWSAM WE'KWATA'SIT. AUNASI KIWA'- SKIPUKU'TESINK, PANTA'LATL KA'QNN AQQ POQTITUKWI'K WESIMUKWAT. NA NEMIAJ TO'Q KISIKU WESIMUKWALIJ NA POQTITESKUATL KESIKAWA'SIT TO'Q MNTU AQQ ELT KISIKU MU KNEKK ELKUAQL. ELTESKUATL TO'Q MI'SOQO ASOQMKAQNKE'L TA'N SUEL ETLI WSASKMALIJ AQQ SIAW WIJE'WATL WE'KAYIW NEMIAJ PASIK PEM PUKTEWSILITA AQQ SIAWI KSIKA'SILITA. MU NAJI LUKWAQNA'LUKUKWA NA NUKU' APP MI'SOQO PEKIJE'KEK. Noel Morris's story is retold in English and Micmac by Bernie Francis, Director of the Micmac Language Institute. It first appeared in the Micmac News in 1982. 24-HOUR SERVICE Owned and Operated by Syl MacDonald Baddeck Ambulance Ltd. 295-2200 F.uliy Trained, Experienced Personnel Ncrth Sydney Mall 116 King St., North Sydney, Nova Scotia • Climate Controlled Atmosphere • Plenty of Free Parking • Friendly Courteous Staff • 30 Stores and Services • Many Mall Activities "A Place for Friends and Family" Featuring a Daily Tarade of Sale" Atlantic Foundation for i Occupational & Environmental Health' "Promoting and Protecting the Health and Safety of Workers" SERVICES... Occupational Health Nursing ' Employee Hearing and Vision Testing * Education and Training Programs " Search Services * Library and Data Base Information * Occupational Medicine Specialist The Atlantic Foundation offers these services through its mobile testing unit and by its consultative services, utilizing specialized personnel. Services are offered on a full-time, part-time or contract basis. For further information on how the Atlantic Foundation can help your business, industry or organization, contact: BENEFITS... Lower workers' compensation costs ' Reduced sick benefit costs ?? Improved productivity ' Stronger accident preven? tion controls " Reduced absenteeism ' Better employee relations * Reduced labour turnover A.F.O.E.H. HEAD OFFICE Sydport, P.O.Box 867, Sydney, N. S. BIP 6J1 (902) 562-5532, 1-800-565-9432 Dr. Albert Prossin, President STRAIT AREA OFFICE WORKERS' HEALTH CLINIC Reeves St., Prov. Bldg., P.O.Box 1004, Urquhart Hall, 146 Whitney Ave., Port Hawkesbury, N. S. BOE 2V0 Sydney, N.S. BIP 4Z9 (902) 625-1499 (902) 539-7075 BURNSIDE OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH CENTRE Suite 11, 1000 Windmill Rd., Dartmouth, N. S. B3B 1L7 Gary Boutilier, Corporate Administrator (44"
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