Page 71 - A Visit with Steve Whitty, Ingonish Beach
ISSUE : Issue 36
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1984/6/1
compass, running back and forth. We came to the fourth knot. We stopped. And she was as close as that post when we saw her. He hollered to us, "Cut the gear." We had to drag the anchor, put it on the buoy line and chuck the keg--then he picked us up. When I came down forward, there was none of them had any watches. And we had a clock sticking up on the foremast. They asked me what time it was. And we had all the sails off her, all but the foresail and the riding sail--that's all she could carry. And there was 10 thousand pounds of fish in her. We had one dory on deck and one dory astern. So Tom Shea and Pius and myself went up forward, and we were watch? ing for seas to break on the shore--we didn't know how handy we were to it. But she was taking those awful deep rollings, you know. Pius said, "We're pretty close to the gut"--the entrance coming in the harbour--"because I know the water's shoal." And then we saw the shore. We were pretty near up to the church, up North Bay. HIGHLAND FLING Shop of Interest Many exclusive items in our large selection of quality crafts & souvenirs 1 Soapstone & Wood Carvings fl''H Bluenose Models s. Decorative Butterflies =. Leathercraft & Moccasins PRODUCTS BY -r..'. T-...._r/-ij Kodak Paxntmgs, Prints & Cards ) ' Handknit Sweaters Take your memories home on Kodak film PLEASANT BAY -THE JEWEL OF THE CABOT TRAIL' Heritage Optical Ltd. 539-1212 CLOSE TO 1,000 FRAMES TO CHOOSE FROM" Prompt Professional Service 12- to 24- Month Frame Warranty 10% Discount to Senior Citizens Repairs and Adjustments 224 Charlotte St., Sydney "We fill prescriptions from any eye doctor' He'd hauled her up too quick. He hauled her up at 55 minutes, and he should have let her run one hour. Would have cleared Middle Head to come in, but she went up on the other side. And then you couldn't see 50 feet--no way in the world--but we could see the sea. Then we argued it both ways. Some said we were above Smokey, and my father said, "No, we're in North Ingonish." So anyway, he swung up and back to find out for sure. As soon as he saw the sea break on the shore, he knew where he was at--but you couldn't see the land at all. And that engine was taking that boat out against that storm. Then we got over there to The Point, Allis? ter MacLeod's--and we stayed there all night. And the way it was snowing, God help us Almighty. But we didn't eat a bite--just jumped down, got a cup of tea, something like that. Really truly, I wasn't frightened, but I thought we were going to be drowned. We got her tied to the wharf, and it was as smooth at that wharf as it is on this floor. See, the sea was coming from the northeast, the wind was rearing around the island there. Uncle Jed and I walked from there, from The Point clean up to the end of the Whitty Intervale that night. Great big pair of rubber boots on us arid our oil- clothes--walked over 8 miles. And every step was to our knees. Construction and operating details are clearly described with the aid of more than 100 photographs and diagrams. Available for $5.00 at the Nova Scotia Government Book Store P.O. Box 637, 1597 Hollis St, Halifax, B3J 2T3 Make money order payable to The Minister of Finance 1'1 Energie, Mines et Ressources Canada (71)
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