Inside Back Cover - Berthing of Supertankers
ISSUE : Issue 6
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1973/12/1
gainst the ship and hold her to the wharf while they let go her lines. IVhen all the lanes are clear and in, then we'll pull them off with the tow lines • straight off the dock 'rvi • ? n'ria,. uim ',.' '',..'- ...j*,i- • . • i-' , .-. . ?. of the wards. k. Then under his own power, with our assistance, he'll move up ahead clear wharf. Then we'll turn him around in the turning basin. He can't go out bac: go out back- Tug Captain Chaisson: One tug will pull one way, the other the opposite way. Then we'll let go and t'e'll escort her back to Eddy Point. If the pilot feels she's not handling as well as she should, we'll come back in and make fast again. Once the pi? lot's satisfied, he gives three long blasts and a short. We give a farewell whistle of three long blasts and he gives three long blasts and we give a quick short and he answers with a short • and that means farewell, goodbye. • • w 5 • Cape Breton's MAGAZINE SKIR DHU CAPE BRETON Edited & Published by Ronald Capian NOVA SCOTIA DECEMBER 1973 SUBSCRIPTION; 6-issues for 4.50 • 12-issues for 8.00 • Anywhere in the world. IKE O Gourmet Delicatessen Ltd 413 Charlotte Street 564-8421 Sydney MERCURY LINCOLN MACAULAY'S GARAGE BADDECK, N.S. A. M. lASSm STORE 295-2887 in Baddeck
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