Page 24 - Harry Albert Bulley: Accidents Averted
ISSUE : Issue 37
Published by Ronald Caplan on 1984/8/1
engine, around Christmas time. And he had a bottle of something. I said something to him: "Don't give him that." But he took a drink before I knew it. And the first thing I know, he fell on the floor--whatev? er was in that bottle, I don't know. Anyhow, I went to work, and I said to the brakeman, "Now listen, you'll have to help me. Because I've got to report this," I said, "if you don't help me." So the brake- man went to work, and he helped me out. And it was a hand-fired engine. So anyhow, I took her, and I made the stops, and everything went well. I went down to the C.N.R. I got him on the ash pit. I got the fellow in the oilhouse to come out and give me a hand in with him. He was that drunk. So we took him in the roundhouse. "Let him sleep there. And I'm going home for my supper, but I'll be back again." So I came back, and I went in the oilhouse and woke him up. He said, "Where am I? Who put me here?" I said, "Now lis? ten. You get up. I'm going to take you home. And I'm going out with you in the morning. And don't you stay off. I'm going to call for you." And so I went in the house in the morning. And he came with me. Nothing happened. I could have reported that, and I could have got, maybe, merit marks or something. That's what they gave you for good work like that. But the family'd be in want. That time gave him a good lesson. (Here is a list Mr. Bulley prepared some time ago of accidents t:hat didn't happen, while he was on the C.N.R. from 1917 to 1962:) 1. In 1917 firing on No. 5 train, coming from Point Tupper to Sydney, after shovel? ling fire in engine and then looking out the window, I saw the switch ahead turned for spur. I called out to the Engineer, Matheson, that the switch was not right. This was at Long Island. Thus a wreck was averted. 2. I was Engineer on Extra leaving Sydney for Point Tupper on a double-header. We got orders at Sydney for our meets. They were all changed at North Sydney, except our meet at Georges River on 691 train. It was forgotten by the Engineer on the lead? ing engine and the crew, I was the only one who did not forget. I sent my fireman to flag and saved a bad wreck. 3. I was engineer on passenger train No. 5 going west, running 10 minutes late trying to pick up this time. When I got over the grade at McArthurs I saw a train in the siding around the curve. I called out the foreman to look to see if the train was clear. The train's end was fouled, and there was no Flagman to flag me. Another accident averted. 4. Coming down as Engineer on Way-Freight one late stormy night in the winter. After shunting at North Sydney, orders were giv- mmEft HOIIU located Rt 255, 5 miles from Glace Bay Port Morien 737-2408 Enjoy your favorite Isle Royale Beverages Ltd. It's the realthing. A Neighbourhood Store in a Beautiful Village Neirs Harbour Tourist Brochures & Colour Printing A Specialty PRINTERS, 180 TOWNSEND STREET, SYDNEY, N. S. TELEPHONE (902) 564-8245 Coke. ,<'&j; PHARMACY Let Us Fill i Your Next Prescription Your authorized COCA-COLA bottler 564-8130 526-4439 245 Wei ton Street Sydney, N. S. (24) Now O Locations in Cape Breton no Serve You; CAPE BRETON SHOPPING PLAZA 564-8151 MAYFLOWER MALL 539-5080 Operated by Manson Drugs Ltd.
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